This week a dude who was cheated on got a text message from the cheater that she was getting engaged. Merry Christmas. While most of us would be happier to get that information second hand while at a bar, redditor mesoziocera handled the new intel in stride. As a reward, he accidentally ruined her life.

Here's the tale of accidental revenge, told in his own words:

So Saturday, she texts me to tell me that she had gotten engaged, and felt like I should hear it from her. I was pissed that she decided to tell me this, but I'm moving on.


What a nice young man. Then he takes us back in time to see how it all went wrong:

After 10 years together, a few of those married, my ex-wife and I separated when I caught her in an affair with one of my friends. After months of gaslighting every time I asked why she was so distant, she started a major fight with me and asked me to leave for a few days, during this time she basically left all but the essentials and moved in with this fat, miserable, vape-enthusiast fuckhelmet.

Oh god. Say no more.

The guy totally spent 9 months spinning lies about me, before she moved in, but she was the one that was willing to believe even the most outlandish things to convince herself that she was justified in cheating. It turns out he was in a better place to financially get her where she wanted to be. This story is long and drawn out, and I won't spend anymore time on it. Just know that this wasn't the first time she fucked me over, but it was definitely the last. Despite pretending they weren't seeing each other and my ex saying that she still wanted to work things out, the separation started last fall, and the divorce finalized in May of this year.


Ok, back to present day.

Anyway, her mother called me Tuesday to say Merry Christmas and see how I have been. You could not ask for better in-laws, and I still talk to them occasionally. Anyway, she told me that, despite the engagement, I am still part of the family and welcome anytime. At some point after this, I told her that I wasn't happy about the engagement, but I wasn't surprised, since they had been living together for a year and a half. She got really quiet for a moment, but then wished me a Merry Christmas and told me not to be a stranger and got off the phone.


He had no idea what chain of events he had just sent into place.

Yesterday, I get up and one of her cousins has texted me with info on this shitstorm that I started. It turns out that she had adamantly stuck to the story that they had gotten together this spring, and had only moved in together this summer. Her mother went off on her for lying all these months about the cause of our divorce, she's pissed and isn't going to be going to Christmas this year at my ex's new house as a result. I've heard that she was told they would be hosting Christmas at home this year instead.


Is anything more rewarding than when your ex's family takes your side? UGGGG its so good.

Now, I didn't intend this revenge, but it did happen. Merry Christmas, bitch.

And for those of you curious what HIS Christmas plans are going to be? He's spending it with his new girlfriend.