Guy shares awkward story of roommate asking him to bang his girlfriend for the dumbest reason.

Guy shares awkward story of roommate asking him to bang his girlfriend for the dumbest reason.

User WreckEmTech is fascinating the gawkers of Imgur with the ongoing saga of his roommate's girlfriend drama, and how he himself unwittingly got involved. The story started with a series of gif posts, containing such juicy lines as "She is trying to argue she never cheated on him because blowjobs aren't 'cheating' and he's not buying it," and "He just told her he slept with her best friend and that she was better than his gf had ever been." In short, serious drama.

Then, WreckEmTech received a very ominous text from his roommate.

When they finally got together, the roommate handed WreckEmTech a beer, and proceeded to lay the most awkward indecent proposal of all time on him.

D: look I'm sure you heard what happened and I won't spare you the details but A***** cheated on me multiple times and I did the same to her. I did let know it was multiple times until we started fighting. Do you remember when we were at that party and I hooked up with K***?

Me: the brunette? yea I remember.

D: well she found out and long story short she brought your name into it saying she wants to sleep with you...

Me: .....uhhhh I don't think that's a great idea man. I think y'all are just better off moving on from each other. Y'all are terrible for each other and that argument goes to show it.

D: well the thing is I slept with her best friend and I told her about that during the argument. And I also told her I was gonna try and do it again tonight. She tried to tell me that when she gave H***** a BJ that wasn't cheating because there's not any penetration and her clothes were still on... (wtf is up with that logic...)

Me: well I'm not sleeping with your ex. It's not that I wouldn't normally it's just with all of what just happened and with you being my friend I wouldn't feel right.

D: well I'm not asking you to sleep with my ex cause we are still together.

Me: WTF? Y'all aren't breaking up?

D: no we aren't. I think I'm gonna let her have another chance. I really like this girl.


By this point, the story had gone viral. (How could it not?) Commenters started urging him to take the "cut and run" approach.

newjerseydamo said:

Move out. Drop the friend and (ex?)girlfriend. You're going to be stuck in something very messy for a very long time otherwise.

GrumpyOldManInAYoungMansBody said:


Your roommate hath put his dick in crazy. Do not pass go, do not collect 200 dollars. Fucking run

But thankfully for WreckEmTech, he didn't run. He stuck by his friend in his time of desperate, insane need, and was rewarded. In what may or may not be the final update, he described a reconciliation with his roommate.

Me: Look I don't want to get in between you two and cause any more drama than there already is. I personally think you should just leave the girl and move on from her. She's caused you nothing but grief and troubles and you clearly aren't good for each other. I care about you man and I don't want to see you hurting or getting into something you can't get out of.

D: I was gonna say the same thing. What I said earlier didn't make any sense and I was being emotional. After thinking about it you sleeping with her wouldn't have done us any good and it wouldn't have been good for you to get involved.


In the end, "D" decided to end things with his girlfriend, saving the friendship with his roommate in the process. And best of all, nobody had to have sex. Bullet dodged!