An indecisive girlfriend is the bane of many a boyfriend's life. A man can only hear "I could eat whatever" or "It's fine" so many times before he is driven mad, especially because he knows that if he makes the wrong choice, it'll come back to haunt him. One boyfriend finally decided he'd had enough, and enlisted the help of his local pizza place to get revenge on his girlfriend.

But did he go too far? An image of his unique order was uploaded to Reddit by user RidingKeys. Take a look and decide for yourself. (He definitely did.)


Under "customizations," this dude wrote:

Please send me an extra empty box that has "whatever" written in big letters in it because that's what my girlfriend said she wants

To be fair, he ordered 16-inch barbecue chicken pizza, so it's not like his girlfriend went hungry. But on the other hand, the pizza delivery guy knows all about their domestic squabbles now. So she definitely has reason to be mad.


Unfortunately, there's no information on how she reacted to this prank. But here's an artist's interpretation:

Hell hath no fury like a pizza-loving woman scorned.