10 women shared the telltale signs that a guy is trying too hard.

10 women shared the telltale signs that a guy is trying too hard.

There's no question that navigating the murky waters of the dating world is a difficult task. And no matter how empathetic we ladies want to be to guys who are trying their best, sometimes they cross the line into trying way too hard. In a recent AskReddit, women shared all the ways they can tell if a guy is trying too hard. Here are ten of the best responses.

1. I think we've all had a dude-you-met-once-for-five-seconds pulling you in for an awkwardly long hug. I assume that's what suagrupp is talking about.

When he touches your body too much for the closeness of your relationship

2. RJ_McR has definitely had some of those awkward hugs.

"Where's my huuug?"


3. All datrandomgal is asking for is a conversation without sex talk. It's not that hard, guys.

When every conversation with them turns sexual. I have a friend who does that, ever since he learnt that I was okay with casual sex. Everything is an innuendo. It is super off-putting.

4. SpeedyEdie won't give into pity dates.

When guys try to get you to pity them out of hopes that you'll date them because you feel sorry for them. Ex. "I'm not that good looking." "I'm forever alone." It's is an awkward thing to do, and makes you look less attractive.


5. Want to impress Waxwalrus? Be a human with your own opinions.

Over-agreeableness. I think guys do this to seem more likable. It could work at first, but it definitely won't last long. If someone agrees with everything I say and every opinion I have, there's a 100% chance they're trying too hard.

I'm not looking to date a parrot, I'm looking to date someone with a developed personality and point of view independent from my own.


6. Mistah-Jay doesn't want to hear your brags, humble or otherwise.

Bragging. Seriously, it is the biggest annoyance. I don't give a shit how much money you make, or how many hours you spend in the gym. Just be real. Just chill.


7. I mean, SteroidSandwich isn't wrong. An elephant is a tad extravagant.

He rents you an elephant

8. No one is entitled to thewildbunny's time but herself. Tell 'em, girl.

Obvious signs of feelings of entitlement to your time. The first noticeable red flag for me is texting. Too much texting or any message indicating that the person is unhappy with my lack of immediate response is an automatic no. Needing or demanding a quick or immediate response indicates a potential lack of self-assurance and increased anxiety where the person is too fixated on external stimuli for reassurance. No thanks.

9. Shockingly, Haceldama hates when guys stare at her with the intensity of a serial killer. So weird, right?

Staring. Non stop, barely blinking staring.

Yes, you presumably like the girl. You like looking at her. But please, don't focus on her so much that you appear mesmerized by the way she's reading her menu. If the two of you are talking to a third person, look at them when they're talking, not the girl. And especially don't stare while she's trying to eat. After a while too much forced eye contact feels more like a threat, like the guy is less interested in you as a person and more as a potential skin suit or basement captive.


10. Yes, cubiles. This is the ultimate example of "trying too hard."

When you go to take out the garbage and he's hiding in your bushes.