A romantic gift doesn't have to be expensive or elaborate. It just has to be thoughtful. And unique. And, uh, romantic. In fact, the best gifts are usually the simplest and most emotionally honest gifts, as evidenced by the stories here. Some women proudly gushed to Reddit about the most memorable gifts they ever received from a boyfriend, partner, or spouse. Feel free to steal any or all of these ideas if you're in a relationship.


1. LaPompadour explains how a book can be the perfect gift, especially when it's the extra perfect gift.

I'm autistic and the first book I've ever read that featured an autistic person was The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime. It felt like I wasn't so different, I wasn't the only one like this. Someone else was like me. It pretty much shaped my adolescence.

When I started dating my current SO, he searched for the perfect gift for weeks for Christmas. He bought me the first edition of the book, signed by the author. I cried like a baby. It was just adorable on so many levels. I cherish that book like my baby.


2. Pomodeteron gets really cheesy gifts.

He brought me a wheel of cheese on our first date. I love cheese and so does he, he didn't know that at the time though. Best gift ever.

3. Some gave psychoticday the gift… of dance!

About 9 months in to the relationship I attended my SO's brother's wedding. We'd been living apart for a couple months whilst I was away on a work assignment, so it was a few days we'd have together before flying off to our separate cities.

It came to bridal waltz time, everyone's on the dancefloor and SO takes my hand. After 26years of dance tuition I'm at home with everything from pirouettes to the electric boogaloo, but he is a side-to-side-out-of-time-with-the-music kinda guy. To my immense surprise, he holds me in ballroom pose and begins a jerky, awkward, but definite waltz step.

"I learned it off you tube for you".

Best gift ever.


4. Fernmefern's husband literally bottled up their relationship. That sounds creepy or unhealthy. It's not though, it's totally sweet.

Favorite present from my now husband was when we first started dating. He wrote down dates and places of different things we had done together on little pieces of paper and put them in a little jar... i.e. 'first kiss - 9/8/14 Hibernian Cafe'. It was adorable. I still have it and read through it sometimes.

5. LadySmuag's parents may have split up, but that didn't make his grand romantic gesture any less grand.

My father's marriage failed, but it wasn't for lack of romance:

For her birthday one year he got her an oil change and four brand new tires. She was pissed. A week later (their anniversary) he gave her a roadtrip to Florida to see her best friend that she hadn't seen since elementary school. The best friend had moved away suddenly (custody battle) and my mom was never given a forwarding address, and even after all these years my mom still missed her. My dad tracked her down using nothing but her name and the name of the elementary school they both attended, and arranged the trip with her friend all without telling my mom. On their anniversary, he pretended that he got a 'wrong call' and gave my mother the phone. When she answered the phone, she heard her best friends voice for the first time in 30 years.


6. He gave maplecherry the world!

For my last birthday, my boyfriend got me a big world map for our apartment to put on the wall. Attached to this were photos of us in all the places we had traveled together and then labels for all of the places we want to go. We have done some wonderful trips together so far so there were a lot of my favorite pictures up there. The card was simple and just said "to my favorite person and travel partner, I can't wait share more memories with you and add to this map as time goes on. I love you."


7. Oh man, bluerazz_had a boyfriend who re-created a relic she lost in a fire.

For my high school graduation, my parents got me this frame that had the letters cut out to spell out the name of my high school

It was one of my favorite things in my bedroom but two years later, my house burned to the ground and I lost everything. For my birthday after that happened, my college boyfriend handmade another frame like the one my parents got me, but spelled out the name of our college. It was definitely one of the top presents he's ever gotten me in the past 8 years of our relationship.


8. The boyfriend of heartandflower made two people happy that day: heartandflower, and probably some little boy named Alan.

I got a keychain from my bf that said 'bad girl' on it. It was the last keychain at the gift shop in niagra falls on canada day, and he knows that i love keychains. He waited in line for half an hour to buy it. I was kind of confused at first but then he explained "hey, it was either this or 'alan'".

I wear this thing on my keys on this day

9. A woman named silence1545 finally got to have stuff that said "silence1545" on it!

Pencils with my name on them.

I have a unique name, and I never got personalized anything as a kid. We'd go on field trips and my classmates would get personalized keychains, license plates, etc., and I never could.


10. BelindaTheGreat had such a great husband that he went ahead and filled in for the daughter role, too.

About 10 years ago it was Mother's Day. My only kid, my daughter, had once again dropped off the face of the earth (heroin addict). I was pretty sad about waking up to it being Mother's Day with no gift, call, anything coming. My (now late) husband had a card for me though. It was not a mother's day card, but a really sweet multi-page card about how I was the best friend a person could ever have. He was a restaurant manager so I expected him to have to work but somehow he'd gotten the day off. We ordered pizza and sat around all day watching movies. I was really moved. I still have the card.


11. User ladygnome got a very special meat delivery.

Bacon roses on stalks made of Slim Jim's with leaves made out of home made beef jerky. Also, a huge homemade chocolate bar and extra jerky.

He's a keeper.

12. Just being a cheerleader can be a big deal, like it was for mykingdomforsleep. (In the metaphorical sense, not like, go cheer on a sports team.)

I'm a photographer (like, actually - was in military as photog for a while) who has incredibly low self esteem, especially about my work.

For my birthday, he (also a photog) took a photo that I took while we were out together on a shoot and blew it up huge, like 2x3 feet or something, edited the image so my signature was on the bottom right hand corner, and framed it.

Physical gifts are nice, but knowing someone believes in you is the best gift of all.


13. The fiancé of answerkey hid notes and gifts around the house like the dead husband did in that movie P.S. I Love You, except he wasn't dead. Hooray!

My fiancé had to travel for a year and this would have been the first time we were apart. So he spent weeks putting together a box of gifts that would tide me through till the next time I saw him. Each gift was spritzed with my favourite cologne of his. & there was a note with a reason to be opened on each, such as "on a cold winter morning" (which was a pair of beautiful j.crew leather gloves) or on our anniversary. Although the gifts themselves were amazing, I was more blown away by how much thought he had put in to it.


14. User berned-out had a partner who played the long game with his gift.

Mine put a raised garden bed in the yard for me a couple years ago. Right now the flowers in it are 6' high and I feel like it's the best flower garden ever. I appreciate that present every day when I'm out standing among my giant flowers. It's awesome. I also put all my compost in it.

15. Konosa has a human boyfriend who made her an even sweeter robot boyfriend.

But my Boy-toy wrote me a program for a "complement machine." Anytime I was feeling down I could open the program, and hit a button for either a memory or complement. The memories were little momments of us like, "remember that time when we went on a walk, and you got scared by the raccoon? I really liked holding you in the dark." Complements were things like, "You look so beautiful today, and I don't even need to see you to know."


16. TheMercifulPineapple got the greatest gift a man can give a woman, and they're good even if you don't cook 'em.

A couple years ago for Valentine's day, he stopped by my work and presented me with a box of PopTarts. We're not hearts and flowers people, so that was much better than a bouquet of flowers.

17. It's the small, everyday gestures that matter to kingjoffreysmum, like dick pics.

He regularly surprises me with flowers, just supermarket ones most often when he's been out picking things up, or my favourite magazine (which is like £1; I love it because it has puzzles in the back that I can actually do), a dessert for just us to share when our beastly children have gone to bed, a bottle of wine because it had a funny picture on the front, or rather, he annotates the bottle with his own artwork (dicks, he draws dicks usually)... they mean everything and make me feel like he cares about me.


18.. This guy sealed the deal with butterfliesinhereyes.

Aquarium encounter with a harbor seal. Seals are my favorite animals and he bought me a stuffed seal from the aquarium several years prior. I got to belly rub and feed a very adorable seal.