If you're Netflix and chillin' solo this winter, don't worry, you're not alone. Someecards compiled the best tweets/cries for help about being single from some of the funniest single* ladies on the scene. These comedians will make you laugh so hard, you'll forget that last night you dressed your body pillow in a hoodie and named him Chad Handsome. (At least he's a good listener.)

*We don’t know for sure if they’re single, but they might be after this.

1. Alison Leiby.


2. Kendra Cunningham.

3. Cate Weinberg.

4. Aimée Lutkin.

5. Selena Coppock.


6. Orli Matlow​.

7. Erica Spera.

8. Lane Moore.

9. Carly Ann Filbin.


10. Katie Haller.

11. Sassafrantz.

12. Myka Fox.

13. Ali Waller.


14. Missy Baker.

15. Barbara Holm.

16. Megan Hanley.

17. Jackie Jax.


18. Lori Palminteri.

19. Halle Kiefer.

20. Pascalle.

Hey, you know who's not single? Someone who thinks the Earth is flat. COOL!