A redditor posted a truly horrific story to the often horrific subreddit Today I Fucked Up and it sounds like a budget horror movie come to life. Let this serve as your GRAPHIC WORDS BELOW warning: do you want to read a story that features the line, "What kind of fish swims into vaginas???"

The Adirondacks. Beautiful. But something's in the water.
The Adirondacks. Beautiful. But something's in the water.

"TIFU skinny dipping with my wife"

My wife and I love to backpack and camp in the outdoors.

On this trip we found an isolated lake with a beautiful camp site in the Adirondaks. No one was around and we went for a swim. Then we decided to take our clothes off and swim some more..

We were in 5-6ft deep water swimming around naked when my wife suddenly shrieked. She felt a fish near her waist and got scared. I told her not to freak out - its not a shark.

Then she felt the fish again, this time it was closer to her 'private' area.

Then, all hell broke loose. Her eyes got as wide as saucers. She looked at me and said "GET IT OUT! GET IT OUT!"

I had no idea what the fuck to do..