If you're already thinking about a drink at 7:15, you may be at this guy's level. (via reddit)

The London edition of the Metro newspaper (everyone's favorite free morning mass-transit newspaper/thing clogging up every major city's sewers) featured a doozy of a dating ad yesterday morning, which was brought to the Internet's attention by redditor Two_homeless_bums, whose username is still more appealing than this guy's pitch.

I don't know how exactly he intends to signal to the women on the 7:15 Jubilee that he's the fabled Blue-Eyed Guy With BO. Maybe he will wear a light-blue button down that really makes his eyes pop while holding a drink in one hand and holding his other arm up to expose his sweat-stained armpit? That's the standard "come-hither" stance in England, I believe.

Sources: redditor Two_homeless_bums