Good news for all the couples out there who want to cancel all their plans and stay home this weekend. A recent study says that binge-watching Netflix together may actually be helping your relationship. "Netflix and chill" is more than just a meme, my friends.

For the study, published in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, researchers asked 250 students in relationships to fill out questionnaires about their bond with their partner and their relationship habits. Upon analyzing the results, they found that watching TV shows and movies or reading books together can help couples feel more intimate and confident in their relationship. And it's not just because of all that extra cuddling.


It's been known for quite some time that having mutual friends can help partners bond, but the study's lead author, Sarah Gomillion, PhD, told Health that if a couple doesn't share a social circle in their real lives, fictional characters might be a good substitute.

“Having a shared connection to the characters in a TV series or film might make couples feel like they share a social identity even if they lack mutual friends in the real world,” Gomillion said.


Binge-watching is often associated with loneliness, but Gomillion said that may not be the case. "People often say that activities like watching Netflix isolate us, but our research suggests that it can actually have important social benefits,” she told Health.

So now you and bae have an excuse to stay home from that birthday party neither of you wanted to go to. You need to sit in front of the TV all weekend so you can bond.

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