I always thought of shower heads as boyfriends, but maybe that was sexist of me.

The Internet is like Canada, in that it's a great place for your imaginary girlfriend to live. Usually, this involves using nail polish, makeup and camera angles to give the impression that said girlfriend exists, but "ARuFa" is not your average desperately lonely bachelor. ARuFa, who may be from Japan (judging by my gaijin analysis of the writing on his bathroom products), is the Bob Vila of made-up sex partners, bringing his fake paramour into the real world via DIY creativity. It's as simple as picking the right tools for the job. The tools, in this case, being a drama mask, clay, balloons, a wig, glass eyes, some clothes and an old newspaper. Oh, right, and a healthy dose of delusion. 

Sources: Digg | imgur user tyblazitar