He's collecting souls. Log off! (Via)

Don't judge! Face-to-face human interaction has been dead since 2008. How else are we supposed to find love anymore, if not by posting and messaging each other a list of all the stuff we'd like to do to each other? Of course, sometimes your Facebook friends can get a little over-eager, maybe a little too excited to discuss their own anatomy, and that's when they end up on this list celebrating Facebook users trying to establish a romantic connection with no regard for their own dignity.


She even drove to you! That's a considerate horny mom-to-be. (Via)

Always wait for them to acknowledge your existence before asking them out. (Via)

At least he isn't driving. Safety first. (Via)

I hope they enjoyed the movie. I'm sure they went. How could she say no? (Via)

Updated 12/22/14:

You forgot, "And bring your baby! Let it be with a real stepdad!" (Via)

Woman seeking ass-man into Mexican food. Must be respectful and
loyal and in possession of fresh cilantro.

They might not know it, but they're kind of perfect for each other. (Via)

Picasso during his blue period? Or, dear God, not his cubist period! (Via)

Maybe she's had enough of boob men. Time for a manicure man. (Via)

Updated 11/26/14:

Sex bomb with delayed detonation. (Via)

Jilted at the Facebook altar. (Via)

She's saying she doesn't want to ruin what you two never had together. (Via)

What part of "cute" don't you understand? (Via)

It's just like one of those tour buses. Hop-on, hop-off. (Via)

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