Because the universe is a cruel and heartless place, true love doesn’t always work out. Mistakes are made, connections are missed, and years later, people realize that their perfect partner was the one they let slip through their fingers. Here are some redditors who opened up about their great lost loves.


1. McGooYou wanted to see if there were other fish in the sea, which is not an apt metaphor because actual fisherman call it a day after they’ve caught the perfect fish.

Well, first she had all the "usual" good traits: pretty, intelligent, fun/spontaneous, emotionally stable, job, great sex life, I liked her friends, we had some (but not all) similar interests, and she absolutely adored me.

Bigger still is that I trusted her unconditionally and I had a ton of respect for her as a person. Also, I don't recall ever having a real argument with her. We may have disagreed on things, but talked and got over it in minutes.

I left her because I was 20, she was one of the first girls that was my "girlfriend," and I wanted to see what else was out there (I had lots of options at that age). Little did I know as a naive 20-year-old that it wouldn't be easy finding other relationships of that quality.