On the website "Canadian Inmates Connect," everyone is given a second chance to find love.

Mark your calendars, gentlemen. (via Motherboard)

We don't usually write about grisly murder on Someecards, because life is hard enough, but this story is so weird. So weird! Melissa Fazzina started Canadian Inmates Connect because she believes that all people deserve a shot at rehabilitation and a part of that process is human connection and relationships.

Fazzina was still pretty surprised to get an application from this Canadian murderer. First of all, Luka Magnotta isn't just a murderer, he's a famous one. Without getting into any of those grisly details (enjoy Googling, ya creeps) he led the cops on a merry chase that made headlines for weeks before he was apprehended. A sad fact of life is that famous murderers get a LOT of fan-mail. It's like a sack of personal ads directed to you every day.

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