I went on a first date to the Museum of Sex as a joke and it ended up being really, really fun.

Hot date. The uncomfortable kind of hot. (via Twitter)

Instead of trying to solve the problem of first date awkwardness, I took the opposite approach: make a first date as awkward as possible by visiting the Museum of Sex. And it sort of worked! It's easy to break the tension when you're standing in between a stranger and a three-foot-tall plaster clitoris.

I'll refer to my date as "Mike" since he does not know I went on this date in order to write an article about going on a date. I met Mike when he asked for my number outside of a bar last week and I gave it to him because honestly, I'll give my number to pretty much anyone who asks nicely. Originally, our first date was supposed to be in Central Park, but I had to cancel to get headshots printed.