Wu-Tang Clan ain't nuthing ta engage in consensual intercourse wit.

I have had some jealous girlfriends over the years. And I've been a jealous boyfriend more often than I'd care to admit. But I am proud to say that I have never been accused of, nor accused anybody else of, having sex with an entire eight-person hip-hop group. That's an impressive recrimination. This guy must have an incredibly low opinion of his ex-girlfriend. Or an incredibly high one. I mean, if she did do what he claims, then she's kind of a superhero.

Also, I have to say that I am thoroughly unimpressed with the Honorable Judge Lynn Toller's line of questioning here. When this guy claims that his girlfriend slept with the whole Wu-Tang Clan, is he including Cappadonna on the list? Because I'm never sure whether that guy counts as a full member or not. And I'm hoping he doesn't mean the full Wu-Tang Killa Beez group. That would just be some serious buss down behavior.

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