It takes a mix of skill and luck to excel at the game of Tinder (and other apps like Bumble). Unfortunately for these 15 people, fortune was not on their side, and they bombed with their witty openers and mid-convo jokes. Their lines will either confirm for you that Tinder is the worst, or that your perfect Holocaust-mocking match is out there for you.

1. This opener isn't funny, because she'd be Cellery.

2. If you don't have something creative to say, don't say anything.


3. Puns are not Dina's thing.

5. This lady was not being honest about her taste in jokes.

6. There's a pattern here: name puns are no good.

7. Animals are dangerous territory.


8. This match was able to forget.

9. Both these people had bad timing.

10. Never joke about such a serious topic.

11. At least this guy is used to rejection.


12. OK, how was this person supposed to know?

13. Not everyone is content with letting a bad line go unanswered.

14. If at first you fail, keep failing.

15. Maybe the problem with a lot of these jokes is that people simply don't get it.


That wasn't exactly quality material, but it was certainly better stuff than chicken nguyets.