Online dating is hard. Making a first impression over text is never easy. But it's important to be able to maintain your composure. This Tinder user learned that the hard way.

A Reddit user known as Zanester98 posted this screenshot of a recent conversation he had with a Tinder match. The woman he matched with told him he had three messages to impress her.

Our boy cracked under the pressure.


Yep. He wasted all three messages freaking out about the pressure, and then freaking out about wasting messages. It's entirely possible that he was wasting the messages on purpose to make a joke, but Caren was not messing around. She unmatched him immediately.

Man, that's rough. But Caren knows what she wants, and honestly, good for her. We wish Zanester98 the best of luck in his search for love.

Sources: Refinery29