Tinder released a list of the jobs that are most likely to get you laid in NYC.

Tinder released a list of the jobs that are most likely to get you laid in NYC.

Last February, Tinder came out with a list of the most dateable jobs in the country, but everyone knows that NYC is the city that never sleeps alone, so they published a separate list just for the Big Horny Apple.


The number one most swiped-right job for men was engineer. Engineer of what? A city? A website? A train? Doesn't matter; if you're an engineer, you're gettin' some. Here are the rest of the top jobs you should lie about having in order to get laid in NYC:

  1. Engineer

  2. CEO/entrepreneur

  3. Registered nurse

  4. Personal training

  5. Financial analyst

  6. Chef

  7. Advertising account executive

  8. Architect

  9. Student

  10. Musician

  11. Pilot

  12. Software developer

  13. Firefighter

  14. Teacher

Notice anything missing? Doctors? Hello? The most marriageable profession in the world is not even on this to-sex list. Nah, kids. Just get your RN license and march your way to 3rd place in pound town. And "pilot" was the number one in all of America, but for Manhattanites, men who stay sober to chauffeur strangers at 30k feet have nothing on musicians who ride the L train back and forth with their guitars.


Don't worry, women. We know that in NYC there are roughly 50 single women to every single man, or something like that, so we have the top professions to lie about for your bios, too!

  1. Teacher

  2. Stylist

  3. PR/communications

  4. Dental hygienist

  5. CEO/entrepreneur

  6. Physical therapist

  7. Architect

  8. Financial analyst

  9. Journalist

  10. Student

  11. Psychologist

  12. Event planner

  13. Interior designer

  14. Recruiter

  15. Pharmacist

Notice how teacher is number one and student is number ten for top women's professions, but the order is reversed for men? Looks like that classic fantasy is alive and well in the city.