EHarmony in the UK conducted a survey to find out the biggest reasons couples fight, in what would also make a really enticing episode of Family Feud.

While TV shows would have you believe that the biggest issue facing couples is sex (rather, a lack of it), bodily needs don't show up until #10 on the eHarmony list. When it comes to relationships, turns out people worry about things like being seen and heard, except when what you're hearing is snoring.

How many of you and your loved one's arguments have cracked eHarmony's top 10?

1. Not listening (47% of people have fought about it)


2. Insensitivity/saying the wrong thing (34%)

3. Thoughtlessness (29%)

4. Money worries (27%)

5. Family concerns (22%)


6. Kids (17%)

7. Always on technology (13%)

8. Snoring (13%)

9. Working hours (10%)


10. Sex (a lack of) (10%)

Sources: eHarmony