Happy Valentine's Day to all, even the "bad hombres" and "losers" out there! Want to show the sexy patriot in your life that you care bigly for them and the United States this V-Day? Look no further than these winning presidential Valentine's Day cards! The only thing that could be more romantic is a Trump steak dinner for two at the Trump Taj Mahal.

Oh, both of those things went under? Nevermind. On to the cards.

Show your Valentine who is really in charge.


Let your date know that you're not going Dutch this Valentine's Day.

Show your lover what a real "nasty woman" looks like.

And affirm that your love is not "fake news."

Not a Trump fan? Here is a Clinton-inspired Valentine.


Or if you don't like Clinton or Trump, here is one inspired by a man who captured America's heart like no presidential candidate ever could.