Beautiful weirdos share the quirkiest things about dating them.

Beautiful weirdos share the quirkiest things about dating them.

There's no better way to learn about a person's quirks than to start dating them. Unless, of course, they're willing to write publicly about them on the internet, like these AskReddit participant did. The question was, "What is the worst or weirdest part of dating you?" The answers reveal that there are a lot of beautiful weirdos out there looking for love. Here are 15 of the best responses.

1. domnickles knows the importance of finding humor in your everyday life, even if your everyday life involves actual dead bodies.

I'm a mortician. Doesn't sound like much but it makes A LOT of people surprisingly uncomfortable. Doesn't help that I have a dark sense of humour.

2. At least realdoor is being upfront about this.

I'm going to make some weird sexual requests.

"I'm ready."

3. It actually sounds like you'd learn a lot dating TheDunkirkSpirit. Too bad he's already taken.

Dating me is basically like dating a 60 year old man in the body of a thirty year old. Clubbing? Pass. Celebrity gossip? Keep walking, lady. WWII history trivia? I'm listening.

Somehow my wife finds this charming.

4. Dating number9muses sounds pretty educational, too.

I will play classical music all the time and explain the histories of different works

5. Let's hope the "things in the basement" SunbaneG is vaguely referring to are comic books or weird dolls and not, like, human remains.

Probably the things in the basement. #Don'tWorryAboutIt


6. Misfit_Right_In's sleeping requirements are quirky, but definitely understandable. Sleep is important!

My sleep habits.... I need two blankets one to go over me, and one to hug. It needs to be cold, pitch black, and completely silent. (no cell phone noises.... No snoring, no blinking lights from anything) I will not sleep and will become a huge bitch if these things don't happen.

7. Honestly just the way The_Secret_Gardener describes their cuddling is enough to warrant a first date.

I snore and I like to cuddle like an octopus opening a jar of sweet sweet marmalade.

8. Terra_corrupt is all of us.

You have to put up with me showing you what I found on the Internet that day, every day.

9. devanoharo won't be fooled by this elaborate AskReddit scheme.

Nice try, but I'm not revealing my secrets to you just yet, future girlfriend.


10. While it's adorable, I can see how imacs' little spoon preference might not always work out.

Idk, it's kinda rough being a 6'4" guy who prefers to be the little spoon.

11. Hey, slothzen, this sounds like a pretty ideal relationship if you ask me.

I hate going out. Netflix and chill for every date.

12. If speaking in movie quotes is weird, I don't want to be right, Mildapprehension.

Constantly speaking in poorly remember and often butchered movie and TV show quotes.

13. Am I weird for finding this hilarious and awesome? I'll hang out with you and your mean birds, Vaultbeast.

I have 5 parrots that act like trolls and pick on everyone who isn't me.

14. Some people are neat freaks when it comes to their apartments. gaidaanjai is a neat freak when it comes to your ears.

You have to let me clean the earwax out of your ears. I love getting in there with a penlight and an earpick.

Obviously the dirtier the ears are the better.


15. It actually sounds like dating _crepes_of_wrath_ could help you find yourself. I wouldn't turn down a free psychoanalysis.

Both my parents are shrinks.

I'm learned to be pretty good about holding my tongue on what I notice, but when we break up you can be sure I'll pass along a few pointers for things you need to discuss with your therapist later.

You beautiful, quirky weirdos, you. Don't worry, my friends. We'll all find love someday.