Here's something to remember if you're bummed about being single: no one is cheating on you right now! Cheer your single self up with these Redditors sharing the reasons why they cheated on their partners. It will make you a little more satisfied with your solitude—even if you're yelling at your screen the whole time, "WHY DIDN'T YOU JUST BREAK UP?!"

1. Wait, does drinking NOT solve everything?

2. This might be a Dukes of Hazzard episode.


3. You get the feeling that this guy might be the biggest asshole in the whole thread.

4. Cheating in the present tense.

5. This person just basically summarized every answer here.

6. Not every act of cheating involves sex.


7. Like the ending of The Sixth Sense but sadder.

8. He's not bitter or anything.

9. Oftentimes, not cheating means knowing how to break up with someone.

10. He could have just stopped at "we had a long distance relationship."


11. Damn. Don't do this.

12. It's an important part of relationships!

13. A really important part of relationships!



15. Water slides are also thrilling.

16. Five seconds too late.

Sources: Reddit