"WICC YUO M\"πY Mc"? You're really going to ask hre to m\"πy yuo on a PIZZA?!

I can't... I Please, for once I'm begging for the person who posted this to come out and say, "you're being trolled. gotcha!" I mean...look at the ring, which has been put in the middle of a freshly sliced individual pizza which was almost definitely frozen a few minutes before this photo happened. That's not where rings go. I'm not saying everyone needs to do it in a damn hot air balloon, but you know what you can afford if you can afford frozen pizza and a ring? A candle. A cheap candle. It only needs to last through a frozen-pizza dinner. Light the candle, put out the pizza, and this is very important: don't write out a half-assed, poorly-executed pepperoni message. Have dinner. Ask her to marry you. Don't post a picture that will convince everyone on the Internet that you two are just dumb enough for each other. Ta-da!

Sources: redditor TheReWrite