Surest sign of a long penis is its owner's need to announce that fact to the world. 
(via Instagram)

When 23-year-old Anna Gensler, an artist, joined Tinder six months ago, she was hoping to meet guys. Instead, she was matched with a whole bunch of creeps. Their opening texts ranged in message and tone from "I have a long penis" to "Bet your [sic] tight." Gensler was—like most women on dating sites—put off by the dudes, who seemed to think these disgusting overtures would actually work. 


(Images below slightly NSFW for poorly drawn hint of penis.)


Instead of just deleting the texts or writing back something angry, Gensler decided to try to "give them a taste of their own medicine."

"I try to use art as my weapon, even though that sounds so lame," Gensler told Slate. Using the men's profile pics as guidelines, she created cartoon images of them, but naked and with tiny penises. Alongside the drawings, she included their initial texts. Then she posted the art to Instagram and shared it with the guys.


Their responses were pretty varied. "Some of them get really angry and say a bunch of mean stuff. Some of them get a little bit offended and say, 'Why am I so fat? My facial hair doesn’t really look like that. My nipples are smaller than that!'...Some people just block me." Gensler says some guys even write back with some pretty intelligent responses, which makes her wonder why any normal person would initiate a conversation with "I love butt sex."

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