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Woman told she could buy 'anything' with guy's credit card. She went above and beyond.

Woman told she could buy 'anything' with guy's credit card. She went above and beyond.


Meet Leagan. Leagan is cooler than you or I will ever be. And not just because she's mastered her phone's "b&w" photo tool.

Why is Leagan cooler than us, who are also cool, you ask? Let me count the ways:

1) She recently got asked out on a date.

2) She said no.

3) The guy offered her his credit card even though she said "no" to a date.

4) He told her she could use it to buy "anything your heart desires." Anything??


5) So she bought a bouncy castle.

A real, live bouncy castle!!!!!! Like the kind they have at rich kids' birthday parties.

I TOLD YOU us mere mortals will never match Leagan's level of cool.

She quickly became my (and the internet's) hero for her choice of purchase. But the guy who gave her his credit card info isn't so much on board for some reason. "Babe what is this?" he emailed her upon receiving the bouncy castle receipt, to which she responded, perfectly: "you said anything, right?" (That's SO Leagan)

"Did you just buy a f**king bouncy house," he wrote.

She sure did, buddy. And, for the record, you endorsed this when you said she could buy "anything."

Leagan tweeted out their whole hilarious exchange, and of course it went viral:

Now everyone on Twitter wants to be Leagan's best friend. Count me in.

No one seems to be even slightly mad about what she did, especially because HE LITERALLY TOLD HER TO BUY ANYTHING. And besides, he seems like kind of a tool.

And everyone wants to go to her bouncy castle party real bad.

See you there!!!!!!!

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