Woman outs her 'fraud' ex-bf on Facebook. Turns out she wasn't the only victim.

Woman outs her 'fraud' ex-bf on Facebook. Turns out she wasn't the only victim.

Finally, a story about a lying, fraudulent cheater that is not about our President! This is Catherine Blackett, a 22-year-old from Derbyshire, England.

Posted by Catherine Anne Blackett on Monday, July 11, 2016

Blackett recently broke up with her 42-year-old ex-boyfriend, Thomas Raven. Now, not every guy who dates women 20 years younger is bad news. But this one sure is.

On January 12th, Blackett took to Facebook to "out" her ex as a lying scammer in order to protect other women from the same fate. This story is a doozie.

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Posted by Catherine Anne Blackett on Thursday, January 12, 2017

He lists his career as "voice-over artist and part-time model," so that's obviously red flag #1. But it gets even worse. In the post, Blackett details how Thomas Raven, whose real name is Paul Christopher Slaney, lied, spent thousands of dollars from her credit card on himself without her permission, and even opened up fraudulent credit cards under her name.

"He goes for women of all ages, he tends to pick out the vulnerable ones so he can easily manipulate them," she wrote. "He will wine and dine you, buy you flowers, tell you everything you want to hear. He'll promise you the world... But things will change. I hate to say it but I am one of many who have fallen into his trap."


Where things get really interesting is in the comments section of the post, where other women who have been involved with him have spoken up with their own stories. Clearly she's not the first.


I haven't seen this many furious women since the Women's March. Luckily, there hopefully won't be many more. Because Blackett even shared her story with the London Mirror:

So I took it to the papers. Sunday Mirror page 23. I'd like to see him try and screw another woman over again now!

Posted by Catherine Anne Blackett on Sunday, January 29, 2017

According to Metro UK, Raven responded to Blackett’s allegations by saying: “I am not a bad person. She’s just bitter and it all spiraled out of control.”

And yet... all these women's stories suggest otherwise. Good luck to Raven scoring a date now that he's known around the world as "Facecrook."