Facebook stalking is like peeing in the shower: everyone's done it at least once, but no one wants to admit it. It's fun at first, discovering your ex now looks like he's starring in a Meet the Klumps reboot. Not quite so amusing three hours later, when you accidentally "like" one of his new wife's sorority sister's Spring Break pics from '02 and start sobbing to yourself, "Cancun, how basic."

Viral star Marian Bull's moment of weakness was captured by her roommate Hallie Bateman. In a YouTube video posted Monday, Marian discovers her teen love's new chick is a beautiful model who makes mediocre water color paintings. Marian's hilarious descriptions ("It's like her skin is made of silk and it has little sun-rays woven into it"), heartbreaking comparisons ("I bet her heat works"), and laugh-until-she-cries reaction will make you wonder why the heck that guy ever left.

Sources: Youtube: Hallie Bateman