Like most young women who go to bars, Victoria Trocino has more than a few phone numbers she acquired while less than sober, and which she had no intention of following up on. Alas, Valentine's Day can make people do strange things. As a joke with her friend Clare, Trocinio texted 17 dudes she'd briefly connected with while summering in Dublin the last couple of years and shared the results on her blog, Blog on Fleek.

While a bunch of guys didn't respond to her V-Day well wishes—which is a shame because who knows what the Cian or Eoin she'd met would've said—a few did. Trocino told Someecards she "wasn't expecting any replies but my phone started buzzing." This story does not end with Trocino finding love. It only ends with strange text exchanges, which is arguably better.

Sources: h/t: Mashable