19 women share the moment they stopped crushing on their crush.

19 women share the moment they stopped crushing on their crush.

Have you ever gotten the ick? It happens when you've started dating someone and all of a sudden, you want to be as far away as possible from that person because you now find them icky. While the ick is often a spontaneous sentiment with no direct cause, a number of Reddit users in a thread addressed to the "Girls of Reddit" shared the specific moment their fledgling relationships went from cute to nope.

1. thelilfieryone's fling had a lot of emotions.

He told me he was in love with me, the second time we hung out. Not to mention he used to call me in a fit of rage, sobbing profusely when his mother would cook him something he didn’t fancy for dinner. Yeah, safe to say that fling went nowhere.

2. smc9940's short-term beau is what we call a topper.

I met a guy at a concert and he seemed really laid back and funny at first so I agreed to go on a date a few days later. I soon found out he had a serious 1 upping issue. If he asked about my work day and I said it was really stressful he'd say "oh I'm sure it wasn't as bad as my day". Or if I said I think I overspent while clothes shopping he'd say "I paid $1600 for new golf shirts today, I'm sure you didn't spend that". This went on about even the tiniest little things, the last straw was when I said I loved Frozen and I'd probably seen it a million times.. he said in all seriousness "oh, I've seen it a million and 1." After 4 dates I realized I absolutely cannot put up with someone constantly trying to out-do whatever I said.


3. ElevenTinyCloves would've liked a heads up on this situation.

Our first date was wonderful. Our second one...not so much. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that he showed up at the restaurant with his wife.

4. Wonder_WomanUnderoos does not find negging—undermining someone's confidence—attractive.

I am super freckly, and halfway through our first date beer, he started in about how freckled woman ought to be flayed. How hideous freckles are - and he wouldn't. Shut. Up. On and on about how ugly freckles are...

So I paid my tab, thanked him for his time, and he started to full out sob. Gasping for air sobbing. About how he thought I was perfect for him. And how sorry he was.


5. HannahLovesNarwhals was almost a special guest on a horror show.

He was 28 and he told me he regularly slept in his mother's bedroom to cuddle her.

I've seen Bate's Motel..... had to get out lol.

6. KitchenSwillForPigs has normal hearing.

I dated a guy who claimed that he was constantly getting into fights. He was always gloating about it, claiming he'd fought every guy in the school. He also claimed he had super senses. He would say things like "Can you hear that? No, of course you can't." And "Most people narrow their eyes when they focus, I open my eyes wider so I can see everything." Just weird, braggy nonsense. It was so fucking bizarre.


7. threadtoss doesn't like sharing Facebook.

He told me he was excited about the possibility of a relationship with me, and couldn't wait to delete our individual fb profiles and create a joint couples one. No. Hell no.

8. IAmTheRarestPepe did not get very far.

I picked him up in my car because we were going to hang out and he told me his friend thought I looked like shit, but he thought I was cute. I turned around and took him home and didn't speak to him until years later when he was my server at a restaurant and had no idea who I was but told me I looked familiar.


9. lenerz's date got serious very quickly.

He took me to see Wreck It Ralph on our first date. The movies were fine although he was really socially awkward. After the movies, he stumped me by saying that he had already told his entire family I'd be joining them for dinner... It was so awkward because during the dinner his dad kept saying things like "oh we're so happy he has a girlfriend to come to his hockey games now" etc... All while he smiled and nodded as if I was just going to stick around forever now that I met his family. NOPED RIGHT OUT OF THAT SITUATION.


10. FemmeDeLoria doesn't like cover music.

He picked me up for a date (I'd normally drive myself but my car was in the shop) and on his stereo, he was playing bad covers of Blink 182. When I asked who was singing, he said "Oh, that's me" as though this were perfectly normal.

11. thatowllady would like to keep her son.

I was a single mom talking to who I thought was a great guy. Then he dropped "I don't think I could raise someone else's child..." which you know, I understood. Followed by "Do you think your parents would adopt him (my son)?" Hold up, what the fuck? No. I understand not being comfortable with raising a child that's not your own, but suggesting I'll just give him up for you? Fuck you dude. Fuck you.


12. bitterlyyours's date should marry a copyeditor.

He was constantly correcting peoples grammar to the point of absurdity. I was talking about one of my favorite board games and accidentally said Cosmic Encounters instead of Cosmic Encounter. He thought that one "s" was worth interrupting the conversation for so he could correct me. I suddenly realized if I dated him, I would basically dating Sheldon.

13. BurberryCustardbath doesn't believe in lizards.

When I was 19 I had a part time job. A guy I worked with was kinda cute, we'd hang out after work and play Rock Band, etc. He was nice, I thought we might kinda hit it off. Then one day he started telling me about how the Bush family and the royal family in England are all actually a race of lizard people and part of some giant conspiracy against humanity.

So, yeah. I couldn't.


14. confusedab never did get that chicken.

Ehm... we went out for a few drinks on a few occasions. Actually enjoyed his company on those PG rated dates. One night I ended up at his house and we ended up in bed together. In the middle of the fun times, he gets up and starts cooking some chicken. Not just a few chicken breasts, he spends 4 hours cooking like 10 kg of chicken. In the middle of the awkward hours of me in bed and him cooking chicken, he stops by the room and compliments my nipples.. Yea..no thanks.


15. Brummiediv got along great with her date's mom.

I realised that I didn't want to date this gentleman when he confessed he wasn't a doctor - in fact he volunteered for St Johns Ambulance. The lie wasn't his fault however as I'd been talking to his mother on Plenty Of Fish dating website and not him. (She was pretending to be him to try and fix him up with women).

16. cera_cyanide's date had too many terrible things going on.

Met up with this dude at a bowling alley and he proceeded to act like an obnoxious ass after downing a few drinks. He had already killed it at this point, but it gets better.

The plan was to crash at his place and I kept with it because I figured I could wait out this one horrible meeting and didn't really wanna make the hour drive back home that night. When we get there I find out he lives with his parents. Nothing wrong with that, but what was wrong was that he didn't tell them I was coming over, so he had to sneak me in.

This guy is sloppy drunk at this point and proceeds to strip down to his underwear once we get to his room. Tighty whities btw, in case any of you were curious. He finds some old pizza leftover in a pizza box in his room and lays in bed eating while he's dropping it all over himself.

He finally passes out and I'm playing on my phone debating on whether or not I can leave quitely enough to not wake his parents because I don't wanna be mistaken for a home intruder or some shit, but his room is a disaster and I'm not sleeping on that floor and I'm sure as hell not getting in his bed.

While I'm mulling over my options in my head, this dude gets up, sleepwalks to the corner of his room, whips his dick out and pisses all over the wall and the floor. He turns around like he's going back to bed, but wait...nope, he just lays down in the floor in his own piss.

I decided it was definitely worth leaving at that point and made it out without waking anyone up. The guy was so pissed I had just bailed and couldn't comprehend why I wanted nothing to do with him anymore even after I told him what he did.


17. slee3578 left at the perfect time.

Went on one date with a guy and he was the sweetest. Super nice to the waitress and everything. Went on second date on a rooftop. We saw an overweight (which should not matter) couple kissing while he was dropping her off at the apartment. Dude started yelling obsence things and calling them names. Let's just I left him to go apologize to them and never went back.

18. TheSparklingAvodaco's cliché fling turned into another cliché: the male chauvinist.

Met a guy abroad - he and his friend, and me and my friend were the only guests from our country - we clicked, had this super romantic cliche summer fling. Met back home, turns out he legit held the belief that women are less than men “because women are not prepared to apply themselves the way men are.” and he “had never met a women as intellectual as himself before”. Yeah, ok, thanks, but no thanks. It didn’t last.

19. khaleesi1984 doesn't like puppy love.


He kissed like a puppy. I have never had so much saliva on my freaking face. Not a fan. I don't care how hot you are, don't lick my freaking face.