Human beings are really just a bunch of animals who want to bone each other, but rules of polite society dictate the many mating and courtship rituals that must be observed before boning can occur. As such, there are many things that a person does to subtly (or not so subtly) let the person they're interested in know what's up. Today, we'll take a look at what women want, and how a few ladies on Reddit let you know when you're that person.


1. Tipsylou thinks you're just so funny!

Everything you say is funny. I'm prepped to laugh before you've even finished the sentence. You are the king of comedians.

2. Never look away from always-horny-sarah.

Maintianing eye contact - works for me.

3. If superfloree likes you, it's two steps forward, one step back.

I'll generally come up with excuses to touch you and probably insult you a lot


4. You can tell that eldoon513 likes you if your very presence makes her extremely uncomfortable.

Am I totally fine around everyone else in the room, but around you I'm terrified and awkward and talking quietly and quickly so you can't understand what I'm saying and then when you ask what I said I go into a long winded weird irrelevant explanation and then nervously laugh and then run away?

If so, I'm probably into you.

5. Same place, same time? Good start, claireauriga.

My boyfriend and I, before we got together, kept magically getting to the bus stop at the same time. Our timetables coincided nicely, but I did occasionally have to miss the very first bus that turned up in order to make it happen.


6. Shw3nn dropped it. Pick it up, dude.

I've dropped some clunkers.

"Yeah, I like pubs a lot, too. I haven't been to one in a long time, though. I just don't have anybody to go with anymore."


7. If snufkn tricks you into holding hands… dude.

When asking to compare my hands size against yours. Most likely very interest in you if I do that haha.


8. So if laserdiscgirl wants to actually be around you, she may have a crush.

Agreeing to do things with the guy. Constantly wanting to hang out, even if I'm not overtly vocal about it, is my main hint. Especially if the activities are minor like helping them run errands or something

9. This dude snailygoat didn't pick up on a very obvious hint, even though it involved thigh-rubbing.

I once had a girl complain about bug bites on her upper thigh and how I should feel them just to see. I was confused when I didn't feel any which I informed her was kinda strange.

I'm not a smart man.


10. Free brownies and undying affection from minpinerd!

You mention you like brownies; a while later I happen to bake brownies and bring them to work/school/wherever you are.

Basically, if I am trying to feed you, then I probably want to fuck you.

11. Getting closer with yet-more-bees.

The main thing I do is, when sitting in a group, I'll sit next to him and get just a little closer than I normally would, so our legs/thighs touch under the table. Nobody else notices, only him.


12. MattedPolish has a whole system of subliminal communication worked out.

I draw his attention to my body, face, hair, eyes all the time and cooking abilities.

Like, "Yeah, it is hard making pasta, the steam gets to my eyes, but I love making it, I don't know why!"

Also I use the word love and like and adore all the time


13. SpiritStrife almost got a guy to ask her out to dinner (but married him anyway).


I asked "Any good places to eat around here" and he said "nah, not really" and left. I still mention it to my husband sometimes, this is when we first met at a large gathering. He says now "Well there really wasn't any good paces to eat nearby.." haha :)

14. Xivora just goes all in.

Getting close, finding ways to touch him, looking into his eyes, long goodbye hugs (my hugs are usually short as I'm not one for touching people except when I'm attracted to them), finding excuses to spend longer time with him, responding quickly to his messages (I am not one for messaging so I can take ages to respond but when I like a guy, I'm quick to respond), finding ways to compliment him, making future plans with him, lots of smiling and laughing, playful teasing, really listening/paying attention.


15. Or there's what forrealz521 does, because guys are dumb.

Guys don't get hints so I just come right out and say it.