Redditor upvote-craver asked the masses, "What is your most fucked up first date experience?" and boy, did they deliver. It can always get worse than just being bored or not attracted to someone. There are fake identities, threats and "tests" that prove nothing except that when you take a chance on love, you're being very, very brave.

1. When there might be a fake wing man.


2. When you go with the flow.

3. When his opening line is too intense.

4. When he's too focused on the details.


5. When the guy really wants to finish first.

6. When the date ends in reporting someone for elder abuse.

7. When you punch yourself in the balls.


8. When the date ends with calling the ambulance.

9. When he thinks kidnapping is a compliment.

10. When it's a set up.


11. When you know what you'll be eating for dinner.

12. When he pulls a Classic Schmosby.

13. When you end up getting audited.


14. When your date's dad knows he blew it.

15. When they just didn't know it was a date...