People shared 15 of the worst possible ways to respond to someone saying "I love you."

People shared 15 of the worst possible ways to respond to someone saying "I love you."

Saying "I love you" to someone for the first time is scary—sure, they might not say it back, but what if they somehow say something even worse? You might just be setting yourself up for heartbreak. A bunch of Redditors recently answered the question, "What is the worst response to 'I love you?'" Their answers, most of which stem from experience, will make you put those emotional walls you spent years removing back up. These 15 responses are going to make you want to bury your feelings deep down inside forever.

1. Zefie10 is not a fan of the condescending response.

Awwww, that's sweet.

2. Ugh, come on, Pigboywonder720. No take backs!

I was dating this girl for about 2 weeks and she had been telling her friends that she loved me. She brought it up to me and and I told her I did not quite feel the same way. After leaving her house that day, she said I love you, and without thinking I said I love you too. After quickly realizing the mistake I made, I turned around and said "wait, no I don't". That one did not go over too well.

3. This heartwarming quote from Babe is not an adequate response to a confession of love, according to najing_ftw.


That'll do, pig.

4. Shlaaap shares the British way to break someone's heart.

"Haha cheers"

5. Landlubber77 was not impressed with Han's response to Leia in The Empire Strikes Back.

"I know"

Gets frozen in carbonite

6. therealquiz's answer hits right where it hurts.



7. This one is pretty rough too. Sorry to hear that, Shitty_McFuckface.

"I used to love you too"

Said by my ex-wife when she was leaving me.

8. katinka1980 is essentially Ted Mosby.


9. Mursa28 takes awful "I love you" responses into the digital age.

New phone, who dis?

10. On that note, alinawright reminds us all to use our words.

Any. Fucking. Emoji. At. All.

11 . What L_carson fails to mention is that, if you look at the screenshot he included, you can see that the girl then waited sixteen agonizing days to text him again.

I'm a little late, but when I was younger I had a girl text me a picture saying she loved me, and I responded "I bet I love me more than you do."

Can't pick up on the 'clues'

12. This is no time to think about food, seventyforester.

I'm hungry. Lets get something to eat

13. Finger guns, while appropriate in many situations, are not appropriate after someone tells you they love you. Road2State gets it.

*finger guns *

14. minakali knows how to (unintentionally) deliver an ultimatum.

"You better."

Somehow my automatic response to my current boyfriend the first time he said it. I was horrified when it came out of my mouth.


15. Muffinizer1 might win for worst response.

Shut up baby I know it.