Fighting with your S.O. becomes significantly less fun once the weekend hits: You want to keep the cold shoulder and passive aggressive texts going to prove you're right (duh), but there's a part of you that wants to go on a date and try to enjoy each other's company again.

You had originally planned to try that new bar, but their cocktails have things like lavender and mint sprigs in them—and that's way too sophisticated for the current childish state of your relationship. So, what do you do?


1. Go to the movies

The movies are the easiest way to go out as a couple without having to communicate. However, since you are still kinda mad, don't see anything too romantic, too scary or too cute. This is not the time for animated, speaking animals! Think documentary. Recommendations: For the Love of Spock, Chicken People, Rats

2) Hit up an art museum


You're not trying to get away from your sweetie, you're just exploring the museum at a faster pace! Plus, as long as rent those headphones that give you a guided tour of the exhibits, you don't even have to talk to each other! If you're up for it, take a selfie together in front of some cool painting and heal your relationship with Instagram likes.

3) Perform at an open mic

Not quite ready to downward dog together at couples yoga? Try an open mic! Prepare your best two-minute set on why you're right and your partner is wrong and let the insults fly! It's called "art," okay?


4) Go to Ikea

If happy couples walk out of Ikea angry, then maybe slightly angry couples will walk out of Ikea renewed! Worst case scenario, you get with a new duvet and a frozen bag of meatballs.

5) Attend a community theater production

There’s no need to shell out the big bucks for the Broadway tour: the cheesier the better! The awkward dialogue, sloppy scene changes and failed dreams will have you two smiling at each other again in no time.

6) Go bowling


Bowling provides the right amount of together time while also providing the right amount of time to talk shit on the other person behind their back: "Go get 'em ... you gutter-rolling LIAR!"

7) Invite both your parents over for dinner

You've been putting it off, so why not get it over with when you're both in fragile states? You'll be too busy to fight as you spend all day cooking and cleaning the apartment. When your parents arrive, they'll be too busy insulting all your life choices to pick up on the tension!


8) Get certified in CPR

We could all use a refresher course! Give the dummy tongue to really piss each other off.

9) Explore the relationship section of Barnes & Noble

Enough with your problems. Read about other peoples' problems!

10) Dinner . . . at a salad buffet

The two of you have have either not been eating or eating crappy for the past few days. Fiber up. Get your greens. This dinner isn't about romance. It's about survival.