Keep "up" the great "service" and you can bet your "tip" will be ejaculating semen.

It’s hard to tell sometimes if your waiter is subtly flirting with you. Sure, he keeps smiling and refilling your glass without you having to ask, but then again, someone is paying him to do that. It’s time to make a move and see how he responds. And if you really want to stand out, you’re going to have to do better than simply writing your name and phone number on the bill with a smiley face. The middle-aged women who tipped waiter and Redditor blkfc (sorry, no space to go into an analysis of that handle) clearly went out of their way to tip both generously (over 25%) and suggest they would not mind seeing the waiter again—perhaps upside-down. No word as of press time whether the waiter responded by unwrapping their complimentary mints with only his tongue.

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