I've categorized the different types of reactions to my weird name and which of those types I'll invite to my wedding. Or funeral. Whichever comes first.

No, it's not "Amy." Yes, that is an awesome shirt. (via My Actual Wardrobe)

My name is pronounced eh-MAY, the emphasis on the second syllable, which is not how most American-English names work. Try it. SARah. JANet. LAURa. meLISsa. In the wonderful melting pot that is America, it's not an uncommon problem to have a name that looks one way phonetically, but is different spoken aloud. Yet it still really seems to mind-freak everyone.

Because my name deviates from the norm, I'm never mad at people for mispronouncing it. It's when I correct them that things can get dicey. I've literally had this conversation hundreds of times, and at this point I can tell what kind of person someone is, and whether I'd like to be their bud, by how they react to making a simple mistake.