Two women named Brooke and Vanessa decided to do something nice for their friend Heather after her cheating schmuck of a husband left her for his mistress. Joe, Heather's husband of 20 years and the father of their eight children, walked out on them after his side piece became pregnant. And just to make it sting all the worse, he stole Heather's prize possession: her Burberry scarf. That's when Brooke and Vanessa, knowing Heather wouldn't replace the scarf herself, started a gofundme page to buy her a new one.

Goons like him don't deserve a face.
Goons like him don't deserve a face.

Brooke and Vanessa asked the internet to help raise $500 so they could replace the scarf. They even included a delightfully angry, foul-mouthed sales pitch.

We are Brooke and Vanessa. We are friends of Heather (the wife). We are pissed off about how our friend Heather has been screwed over by her WASband, Joe.

Joe and Heather had been together for about 20 years and have 8 kids together, too many dogs to count and a few other random pets (a pig, fish, some cats - it's like a domesticated zoo. )

Heather spent those years at home raising her wild, wonderful herd of offspring while Joe was out sowing his wild oats with a neighborhood tart.

His departure from the family home was less than graceful as it was accompanied by the discovery of said tart being pregnant.

Fast forward about a year. Heather is moving on. Got a tattoo, got herself a great job, another kid has graduated high school and she might even be able to finally take a proper trip to Mexico next year to help celebrate Vanessa's 40th.

Here's the thing. Heather was the quintessential stay at home mom, complete with all the necessary sacrifices that go along with that. Raising 8 kids is expensive and Heather's a pretty low-key chick who doesn't fuss over all that fancy shit that some women do. Except for her one treasured designer item - a Burberry scarf. She shared that scarf with her daughters freely. They wore it because they took good care of it. Then it disappeared.

Turns out Joe - the WASband- gave it to his mistress.


Let's replace that for Heather. She'll never buy it for herself. Ok? Ok.

The scarf retails for about $400CAD. We'll have it shipped to us in Canada so we can add a few tidbits for Heather because we love her and this shit is fun. Then we'll ship it to her so she can rock that motherfuckin' scarf like the boss that she is.

Ready? Yeah, you are.


Of course, after reading that, nobody could resist. The gofundme campaign reached its goal within a day of being posted. People from around the world donated, including messages of support that are also extremely fun to read.

After the campaign went viral, Brooke and Vanessa released a statement to respond to both the positive and negative feedback.


Hi everyone and thank you so much for all the hilarious, supportive comments and donations. We've definitely reached and surpassed our goal and are truly blown away by everyone pitching in to make this woman's life just a little brighter.
We've learned that our fundraiser has gone viral - Redbook and The Toronto Sun have both covered this crazy event (just one in a long ass list of crazy - Seriously, we can't make this shit up!)
As for the folks who want to piss in our cornflakes by leaving nasty comments, didn't your mama teach you that if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all?! I get that there are other fundraisers out there and other folks have needs different and even greater than this, however each of us has the choice to put our money wherever we wish. There's enough hate and nasty in the world and this is an act of love. Full stop.
So if you think this fundraiser is distasteful or shallow, you're entitled to that opinion but I know one thing for sure; opinions are like assholes and everybody's got one. If you don't want to contribute, don't.
to the rest of you, I love you all. The fellas and the ladies, y'all are my favourite! xoxo
Vanessa and Brooke


They also explained what they're going to do with the extra money.

Oh yeah, so since we're WAY past the goal for the scarf, we're going to put the extra toward Heather's airfare for Mexico in the spring so she can help me (Vanessa) celebrate my 40th and my own divorce being finalized. We'll post photos :)

Maybe if the campaign raises enough money, they can pay a film crew to turn that vacation into the most empowering documentary of all time. Let's make it happen. Donate now.