For better or for worse, our actions have an affect on others—even the little stuff. Small comments made by a friend, relative, or even a stranger can stick with us for the rest of our lives. Fortunately, people can be very, very kind to each other, and those little words can inspire others for years. Recently, some people on Reddit shared the nicest, out-of-the-blue things anyone has ever said to them.


1. Here's some good advice: tell people like merlot-o they're awesome.


"You give the best advice." Even if it's just one person who thinks that (at least she's the only one who has told me that), I love that someone feels like they can always come to me if they have a problem.

2. With friends like sledge115, who needs boyfriends or girlfriends?

"But I have friends like you - especially you."

Context; I sent a few voice messages comforting my Turkish best friend after she had a break up. That was her response.

I never felt so loved by a friend before.


3. So, like, a fairy tale princess, hiCousinElvin? High-five.

My boss told me I look like little birds help me get dressed in the morning


4. Fiftydollarvolvo is a human being, and human beings like to be told they look good, without it needing to become a whole thing.

I was walking around the Smithsonian during a school field trip and this girl my age stopped me and said: "This is probably really creepy but you're just the prettiest girl I've ever seen. Just thought you should know." and walked away.


5. WhitePartyHat made America great again.

"You made this place feel like home."

In high school I met a foreign exchange student from Italy about halfway through her stay in America. When we first met she told me about how alone she felt in America and how much she missed everyone back home. We had a "thing" for several months before she went home. A couple days before she left she told me that and it made me feel so good that I could bring her a little happiness and safety in a place so strange and far from home.


6. You compliment a dog, you compliment sterlingphoenix.

"Your dog looks like she has a very happy life."


7. GingerSnappd got compared to art.

"You look just like a painting"

It had been raining all day. I had just spent the last hour at the DMV, and at this point I was setting up for another hour at the social security office.

The woman next to me was very... put together. Sitting up straight, really nice clothes. She was talking to a man who I assume was her husband. She kept turning and glancing at me and it was making me feel a little self-conscious. I was tired, my hair was in a side braid that was starting to get frizzy because I had been rained on.

This lady was immaculate, and I am beside her looking like a wet dog.

She suddenly reaches out, placing her hand on top of mine, "You look just like a painting."


8. You're one of the good ones, TheBlindGuardian.

"You're the only person who makes me feel like it's okay to be me". Friend of mine gets tons of shit from her family and her boyfriend over stupid stuff and has a history of eating disorders and depression. Told me this when we were talking one day and it simultaneously broke my heart and made my day.

9. Incredibly kind words for jennambee, even if they weren't from Kitty Sanchez from Arrested Development.

I was working in commercial production in Los Angeles, attempting to balance the millions of coffee cups ordered - questioning why I even got a bachelors degree and on the brink of tears.

Moments later, a woman came up to me and said "You can do it. My husband was right where you are and is now a major producer. Just remember to remain kind and continue to work hard."

That woman was Judy Greer.


10. The highest praise for CapnCrunk666.

I'm a guy and I often get generic compliments about my eyes and eyelashes. One day I'm working at the register and a woman I'm helping says "You have beautiful eyelashes. They're so long and full! You'd make a great drag queen."

11. Just showing basic concern can save a life—like it did for RADMChaos.


I was hitchhiking on my way to kill myself and the guy who picked me up asked me if I was okay. I was acting pretty normal and chipper and told him "oh heck yeah, And then he asked "are you sure?"

12. BryceWasHere got his whole life figured out because a teacher was just that sweet.

My high school English teacher told me that he waits to read my essays until he has a coffee and time to relax. He also told me he will occasionally walk around to show other teachers the jokes in the essay.

That made me want to be a writer. He's probably the greatest teacher I ever had, and one of very few people I want to make proud.


13. Right on, crazymrrainbow.

I went running for the first time in the hopes of trying to lose some weight. This lady walking her dog saw me nearly keeling over because I was so exhausted, and said to me

"You're doing an amazing job, don't give up!"

I'll never forget it, it gave me a second wind and suddenly I could keep going.


14. Exactly, kernunnos77.

A friend asked me to hold his oversized drink while he was driving.

"Sure man, no prob."

"Man, you're like the nicest person."

"Thanks, I try to be."

"No, that's the thing - you DON'T try to be, you just are."

15. You think this story from oh-mylanta is going to go a certain, familiar way…but then it doesn't!

Guy I'd never met before approached me on the street, "Miss, do you have a second for me to tell you something? I've seen you around downtown for a while now, and you just always look so confident and sure of yourself, and I just want to say that I admire that and I hope you never lose it."


16. Like Shoesfromtexas, you too just might be a lot stronger than you think you are.

I was (and still am) working through grief. I felt like I was barely surviving, and my boss told me, "you at your worst is still better than some people at their best."

17. It's just lunch, or to brightdeadlights, a whole lot more than that.

When I was a little girl, I'd guess around 10, a young woman I knew from church started having me over for lunch. I was heavily abused at home, and she was so kind. I'll never forget the look on her face one day when she hugged me and told me she hoped she could have a daughter just like me some day. It meant everything to me. At that time I couldn't imagine any mother wanting me, simply because it wasn't what I was raised to know. She eventually moved out of state and I missed her so much. I heard later she couldn't have children. As an adult now it just makes that memory so much more special in a much different way.


18. Hurray_for_Candy is so nice they don't even remember what they did.

I once had flowers delivered to my office and the card said, "I know I will never see you again but I wanted to thank you for changing my life".

I had no idea who sent them, but I'll never forget it.

Edit: They weren't misdelivered, they had my real name and my nickname on the card. I called the florist and they had no name for me, paid for in cash.