Good thing those ladies aren't the nutcrackers or something along those lines!

Last Christmas, redditor trackpete (who I'm gonna go ahead and call Pete) got really drunk and stole his friend Greg's nutcracker (which Greg himself had stolen the year before from his building). Pete says he "woke up the day after I stole him to a notepad FULL of insane ideas written down by my girlfriend. We worked over the course of the year to make some of them come true... It kinda turned into a "bring the Nutcracker to parties that I knew Greg wouldn't be at" thing, and everyone just went to down [sic]. There are a bunch of B-side pictures that are very very graphically inappropriate at times, it's amazing what drunk people will do with a Nutcracker and some Barbie dolls. ;)" Considering the photos that include Barbies are already as graphic as you'd expect, I can only imagine what the censored ones showed.

Sources: redditor trackpete