15 ways to half-heartedly express your friendship.

15 ways to half-heartedly express your friendship.


Let them know how funny you are with an ecard written by someone else.

There are tons of different kinds of friends (or so we hear): best friends forever, best friends for now, friends with benefits, old school chums, drinking buddies, frenemies, mistrusted confidants, tolerable coworkers, recovering alcoholics you keep around because they don't mind being the designated driver—you name it. From time to time it's important to touch base with these people in order to let them know you still exist and consider their friendship important enough to take advantage of for a ride to the airport or to help move your couch. Here are 15 of the best ways to half-heartedly express your friendship in whatever form it takes. Feel free to share them on Twitter or Facebook or maybe even send some to your real friends!



Keep your friends close and anyone who's seen your browser history closer.



A true fair weather friend.



But not without drawing penises all over your face.




"...and everyone else is tired of it."



The inspiration for Shawshank Redemption.



Honesty and rock-bottom expectations are the foundation of the best friendships. 



A good card to send to your drugs.




Your kidneys and genitals may not be so lucky. 



"Meh-st Friends Forever"



Post on someone's Facebook wall!




Great way to let someone know you're thinking about yourself in their moment of triumph.



"They'd at LEAST have to be a 6, 6 1/2."



The grass always winds up dead and brown on both sides.



"It's just more intimate that way, you know?"


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