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19 people who hooked up with their best friend share what happened.

19 people who hooked up with their best friend share what happened.


People love to say they 'married their best friend.' But though marrying your BFF might sound romantic AF, hooking up with your BFF can actually get pretty messy. Sex with a best friend is a risk—it might go really, really badly, or it might be the stuff that romantic comedies are made of. Whatever the outcome, it makes for a great story.

Someone on Reddit asked people who've had sex with their best friend 'how did it happen and did your friendship change afterwards?' These 19 people who took the plunge with their BFF share their stories:

1.) From sosmore:

I slept with my close guy friend for months after going through a hard breakup with someone else. We were able to stay friends afterwards but things have definitely changed for the worse now that he has a new gf. She’s said before that she feels uncomfortable around me, which I understand.

Any person he dates from now on is probably going to feel that way, so I know we’ll never get back the close friendship we had. Definitely something I never thought about when I chose to cross that line.

2.) From Apageo:

I spent my four years of highschool with a good boyfriend, but my best friend was broken up with in the same week I was, in a super similar way, right after the summer of our graduation. We kinda bonded over it and he kissed me because of ~emotions~ but I told him I didn't feel the same and he was really respectful about it.

He joined the navy and I sent him a bunch of letters in bootcamp. A few months later, I saved up and flew 2000 miles to go visit him on base, we stayed the weekend together, and... sex happened.

To be completely honest with you after he fell asleep I totally flipped out. I was a wreck. I thought we were never going to be able to look one another in the eye afterward, but we got up, had breakfast in a little cafe, and went to the library holding hands. We've been together since.

I love him more than life itself, I've never been in a relationship that felt more natural and healthy. We still talk like old friends. He calls me darlin' dearest. I'm enamored.

3.) From ReallyBigTanks:

Well, I'd always liked her but didn't want to risk the friendship. Turns out she was thinking the same thing the whole time. For about 5 years. She was just a physically affectionate friend to everyone, so I didn't think anything of her constantly touching me in ways that would usually be considered flirting. At some point one of our mutual friends, who I hadn't told, let slip by accident that she had a mega crush on me, and I couldn't believe it.

I asked my friend, and she said it was true, I confided my feelings as well, and we got busy fast,, because we both felt we'd spent enough time together to be sure of each other and now it's been a year and a half, and we're still together and still in that honeymoon-phase. I'm a very lucky dude, and I know everyone won't be so lucky, but there is hope my dudes

4.) From pressthebuttonfrank:

Ruined a perfectly good friendship. We later married and have been together ever since.

5.) From xandrenia:

Friends for almost 10 years, he got embarrassed about still being a virgin going into his second year of college. Being the great friend i was, I agreed to sleep with him platonically so he could have his first time nervousness free.

After that, we never really talked about it for about 2 years, unless it was a joke. We continued our friendship like nothing happened.

After those 2 years went by we somehow ended up in a sexual relationship again, after a drunk night at college. We continued this relationship for a few months, progressing from purely sexual into a romantic relationship. I really thought we were finally about to get it right, and maybe this was the way it was always supposed to be. It was heaven, it was bliss. But then he got an actual girlfriend and never talked to me again.

6.) From hellanordi:

I went over to his house one day to hangout, we had joked about just having sex with eachother since neither of us were getting any, and well one thing lead to another. We're engaged now.

7.) From OneRhinoArmy:

We had been close friends for a couple of years, but the sexual tension was palpable. Most people who saw the two of us together thought we were a couple. But we both had too much baggage to get involved. Two days before I was moving across the country we were drunk as hell (we usually were) and I asked him if he wanted to f*ck. So we did.

For all the sexual tension we had, the sex wasn't particularly memorable. We spoke a fair amount after I moved, but eventually fell out of touch. I don't know if that was because of the sex or just distance and time.

8.) From Roland_T_Flakfeizer:

My best friend and I have a bit of an age difference (8 years). We met when she was eighteen and I was twenty six. I didn't really take her seriously as any kind of romantic or sexual partner, because that was quite a bit younger than I felt comfortable with. Also, she's one of those Asians who looks way younger than she actually is. She was cool, though, well traveled, highly intelligent, and we got along well, so we became friends.

Years went by. We became better and better friends, until we were talking on the phone basically every day about pretty much anything. We were living in different states at that point, we had kind of turned each other into the one constant as everything else in our lives changed.

Occasionally, we'd see each other in person as we'd pass through each other's states on our way somewhere else. At this point, things were still completely platonic. That didn't stop whatever girlfriend of mine or boyfriend of hers to be pretty put off by our friendship though. In retrospect, it's totally understandable why, but I had a hard time seeing it while I was in the middle of living it.

When she was about twenty three or twenty four (and I was in my early thirties), she decided she was going to hitch a ride with me for one leg of a road trip so she could visit family. We ended up getting caught in a huge windstorm in Wyoming. It got so bad, they ended up shutting down the interstate in front and behind us, so we had to get a hotel room for a couple days while it was all cleared.

I'm sure you can see where this is going. One thing led to another and we ended up having sex.

Here's the thing though. Nothing changed afterwards. Except we'd usually find time to bone when we saw each other in person. Other than that, it didn't affect our friendship in the slightest.

Until about three years later. I had just moved to the same state as her for the first time in almost six years. There's a lot more to this part of the story, but it would make an already long story much much longer. In short, a few months after I got there, we fell into bed together again, and this time something was different. We officially started dating about three days after that and got married six months later. We just celebrated seven years together a few weeks ago.

9.) From Ryguy55:

Wouldn't call her my best friend but a very good friend I grew up with. I wish it never happened. She got super f*cking weird afterward and it completely ruined our friendship. After a year of attempting to ease it back to what we had before I got the hint and stopped bothering her. She's engaged now and I wasn't even invited to the wedding which really f*cking hurts.

10.) From Griffin2627:

We went to California for about a week to visit some friends and go to a concert. I had been in love for close to 6-7 years but she had a boyfriend so I put my feelings to the side. We went and had an absolutely great time, movie montage type stuff.

She’d previously told me how bad her relationship was and how she wasn’t happy anymore and was tired of being treated like a second class citizen and I joked about how I would treat her better and I guess that stuck with her because we had our first kiss (it was awkward, I blew it) right before heading out to meet with friends and I guess had our first official date at Disneyland the next day. We’ve been together just over 2 years now and I’m planning on proposing the next time we’re in California

P.S-Coronavirus please leave I’ve waited long enough

11.) From flowerrmouthh:

It went really bad .. I confessed that I liked him and he told me he felt the same and things lead to another and I thought it was gonna be a start of something new for us. I invited him to hang out with me the next day and when he arrived to my house and he was with this girl I never seen before and he told me 'Oh this is my now fiance' and after that day I never saw him again.

12.) From Icarus_Dee13:

I slept with my best friend from my teenage years a few weeks after her long term serious girlfriend (my close friend) cheated on her.

We were friends at the time, but not too close. She can to visit a mutual friend while she suspected her girlfriend was cheating and basically it was confirmed while we were all hanging out. She was heartbroken and I ended up going back home with her to help her kick her girlfriend/my friend out.

It was a real shit show and she was heartbroken and it put me in an awkward spot since I was actually closed to the girlfriend at the time. She has completely alienated everyone else to run off with her 18 (still in High School) new girlfriend and totally changed.

We slept together and it was incredibly awkward and honestly terrible but we ended up spending more time together and eventually dated and getting married next month now. This happened about 7 years ago.

13.) From ThrowRA24000:

Not my best friend, but a very, very close friend.

We tried the FWB thing for a little while, but eventually developed romantic feelings for each other and made the mutual decision to break it off because we were both gonna be separated soon and neither of us wanted to do long distance.

I've learned that there's such a thing as being TOO close to someone. That girl was(and still is) one of my biggest support systems, abd has been for the past year and a half. We liked each other a lot, but our mental states weren't great, and if we started dating we would've been risking a messy breakup, and if I ever lost such an important person in my life, I don't know what I'd do. She felt the same way.

We still talk all the time, about life, the future and our problems, as well as trade memes from time to time. I love making her laugh But she's still one of my closest friends, a person I can talk to about anything, and I'm more than happy with that.

I'll miss the cuddles though

14.) From itsbaaad:

It destroyed the best friendship I have had yet.

A bunch of her friends and mine weren't surprised at all when it happened. We partied pretty hard a few nights in a row and one thing lead to another.

Two weeks layer she broke it off and it turned into a hard situation as I had developed feelings for her. We tried to go back to normal but the very next week she was talking about how bad she wanted to f*ck this one chick we both knew and was letting dudes at the bar hit/kiss on her.

She admitted when she broke things off that she knew I had feelings for her going into it, which left me feeling used. Like she tried me out and decided I wasn't good enough and moved on. I felt and still feel extremely used by some one who told me they loved me at the end of phone calls, even before I developed feelings and we had our moments together.

15.) From phisch13:

I left the job we both had and she is blocked on my phone.

I had a strict rule against sleeping with coworkers/classmates and friends. She convinced me to break this rule. Was a critical error on my part.

16.) From Cyanora:

We were friends. Agreed to be FWB. Are now dating for a couple years now. Other than the sexual aspect of it, we're still two goofballs who make each other laugh. So nothing really changed all that much.

17.) From Emotionally_dead:

I thought we had real feelings for each other. Turns out I was just a hook up.

18.) From zaybo_no1:

Following her breaking up with a guy she had been with for a couple years we had sex about 4 times the last month of senior year after being super close friends all throughout high school. It was no secret that I had a thing for her the entire time but she never really saw me that way.

At that point we just kinda got stuck in this weird limbo between not wanting to date but not being able to go back to being friends and wound up getting into a huge fight before she left the state for college, obviously the friendship was never truly rekindled but we still talk occasionally.

She wound up getting back together with the guy and only seems to text me when shits not going right with him. A mutual friend told me that she had said she regretted not dating me but at this point f*ck that, I’m not gonna be a dick but she had her chance.

19.) From paipilu:

We were really best friends, we grew up together, went to school together, had our first kiss together, then she started to date older guys and there was never a chance, but when we were 19 she broke up with some dude and we were hanging out and it just happened. I was a lot less experienced sexually than her and I think she was disappointed because I really had no clue what I was doing, I tried my best but it was just my 4th time ever having sex.

The next day she told me it was a mistake and we should just continue to be friends. I played it cool but inside I was very disappointed because I really liked her for many years and I thought it would develop into a great relationship. That was my only chance and I blew it. She left the country after that for school and we just grew apart. We don't talk anymore.

Sources: Reddit
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