Gather round, grown-ups, and hear the tale of Bo Johnson and his friend Matthew, who overcame adulthood to achieve every child's ultimate squad goal: dressing up multiple kids as an adult and sneaking into the movies. Granted, these guys are now too big to sit on each other's shoulders and don a trench coat. Fortunately, America's obesity crisis provided an alternate solution: be a really fat guy.

Perhaps even more amusing than their end result is the methodical way they in which they try to figure out how to disguise themselves. At first, Matthew walks behind Bo, turning the "man" into a hunchback, before they finally settle on how to attach Matthew to Bo (who clearly doesn't skip leg day) as a giant gut. The actual infiltration is much more tense than you'd guess—that old childhood excitement of sneaking in someplace never really goes away.

Sources: h/t butchtcoug