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Bride shares story of family wanting her to give wedding venue to pregnant sister.

Bride shares story of family wanting her to give wedding venue to pregnant sister.


If you're lucky, your family loves, supports, nurtures and uplifts you. If you're not so lucky, your family are selfish manipulative psychos who exist to make life a living Hell and are tied to you by circumstances you had no control over.

Most of us have a mix of both. A bride-to-be who goes by the name paperweightfairy on Reddit definitely has a family falling in the latter category, according to this nightmare story she just shared.

The woman's little sister, who is pregnant, recently asked her to give up her 'dream' wedding venue (which she and her fiancé booked three years in advance) so she can have her shotgun wedding there. When the bride-to-be said no, the little sister threw a fit. And to make things worse, the bride's family took the little sister's side.

She writes:

My fiancee and I have been together for 8 years and engaged for 3. I was doing my PhD program and was juggling planning the wedding. My fiancee took much of that work, but it was perfect because our dream venue was booked till after my graduation.

So what we did is book our dream venue 3 years in advance. It is really a beautiful venue. The only slot we got was September of this year. My sister got engaged a few months ago to her fiancee. They were planning on having a spring wedding next year. They had no venue lined up, but had a few vendors lined up as well as a set date.

The woman's little sister announced at a family barbeque that she is expecting a baby with her fiancé. Since she is pregnant, they decided to move their wedding sooner, to September, which is the same month as her sister's wedding.

Since they don't have much family from out-of-town, the woman said it would be 'NBD' for them to have their weddings in the same month.

Yesterday our parents invited us and our SO`s to a family bbq, where my sister announced to our extended family, that she is expecting . Everyone was so happy for her and my BIL ( who is a great guy).

My Nan asked my sister if the wedding was still on the set date or if they were going to wait, because of the baby She said no that she hoped to move it to September. NBD. We don't have many out of town guest so they could attend to both weddings no problem.

However, her little sister feels entitled to taking her big sister's wedding venue because planning a wedding while pregnant would be 'too stressful.' Her big sister refused, because she had her 'heart set on the venue,' having booked it three years in advance.

Nan was happy and asked sister if she needed help planning such a short notice wedding

My sister then turns around and said.

'Thats what i wanted to talk to you about. I was really really hoping we could kinda like take your venue ? I really can not stress myself too much with planing a wedding while going to maternity classes. And i think it is so beautiful! It would really mean a lot to me'. It went silent. But everyone was looking at me expecting me to say 'yes of course everything for my little sister !'.

My BIL looked very uncomfortable and told her that they had talked about this and that it was not okay to put me on the spot . But my sister just said ' Don`t be like that! My sister wants to do whats best for me so its no big deal right?'
I just said ' well it kind of is. I don't know . I have my heart really set on the venue'

This is when the little sister had a dramatic meltdown. And her family, including their mother, took the pregnant sister's side.

Cue the crying. She stormed off. Nan told me that i was being selfish because she needed the venue more than I did. I tried to defend myself and my mother said ' you waited 3 years. Would it have killed you to wait a few more moths? When has your sister ever asked you for something?'

Understandably, the woman's fiancé is now 'furious' with her family and apparently wants to disinvite the entitled little sister from the wedding. Meanwhile, the woman's family is 'threatening not to come' to their wedding, claiming she's being 'selfish.'

What a mess.

A few comments later my fiance got really mad and we left. My sister called me crying and said that it was unfair that I always get what I want and that i could have done this one thing for her. Dad said it is just a venue and what matters is the person who you are marrying. He is kid of right... but we have been planing for so long .

My fiance is furious with my family and doesn't even want my sister to come. Now my family is threatening not to come because I am being selfish and my sister needs it more than me because having a baby is too stressful.

So the woman took to Reddit, asking if she's being an 'a**.' Reddit commenters assured her she's not.

Now she wonders if she should compromise and/or confront her family.

I love my family and I am in the dark with what to do. After posting on AITA I have seen that I am not an ass and that I should keep the venue but I am so unsure of everything. How should I Confront my family? Would a compromise be feasible?

She also added a lengthy update to her original post. In summation: her brother-in-law took her side (not his future would-be-wife's), as did her brother-in-law's dad. Sounds like this sister's bratty behavior has probably been a problem for some time. Her own dad blamed her, not the bratty sister. And so did her mom, which helps explain why this little sister's behavior is so bad to begin with.

Luckily the woman said she will not be giving away her venue, and that her little sister has been kicked out of her bridal party.

Update : first thank you so much for your support. Don't worry I will not give away my venue. As a commenter said ' don't negotiate with terrorist'. So I didn't respond to the wave of texts I was getting from my parents.

My BIL called me and apologized for the inconvenience. He told me he had discussed it with my sister and she had told him she would not ask. He is properly mad with her now and warned me that my sister is blaming me for 'potentially ruining her marriage'.

My father has sent me about 5 text along the lines of 'I hope you are happy your sister hasn't stopped crying since yesterday.' And so on and so on. My fiance and I have decided to boot my sister from the bridal party and replace her with my aunt who is the only family member that took my side. We have not decided whether or not we will invite my family as a whole.

Furthermore my mom took it upon her to tell on us. She called fiancés parents and told them, that it would be best if my sister gets it because she is pregnant and pre-eclampsia runs in the family. Whatever that means. My future father in law told them to f*ck off and basically ripped my Mom a new one for expecting something so ridiculous and that they were going to lose me if they kept playing favorites.

So my mom is now crying too and saying that my father in law is an ass. This is just getting so pathetic. It seems straight out of a bad soap opera. My in laws are driving to us currently with some supper and wine and basically told me to not worry and that no matter what happens that they will be my safety net. I cried of happiness

She also added:

On another note my sister sent me a really long text basically saying that I am not her sister anymore.

Finally, some good news!!!!!

Commenters are enthusiastically urging her not to compromise, to keep the venue and not give in to her little sister's entitled behavior.

rosiesunfunhouse writes:

KEEP THE VENUE! I know you’ve already decided to, but this has to be something you won’t budge on. You need to explain to them pretty much as you’ve explained here that you have had this venue booked for three years because this was THE ONLY SLOT OPEN until September of this year, and that it is now probably booked out another three years in advance.

You also need to frankly explain to your whole family that while you love them and especially love your sister, this is not something they get to decide for you or ask to take from you. It is your special day, made even more special by many years of waiting. Asking to take a venue out from under you is rude and inconsiderate.

jill-of-many-trades adds this NSFW but 100% valid point:

Not to mention your sister and BIL are 100% responsible for the pregnancy lmao. Can she really pull the pregnancy card? Like damn sis, you’re the one that ordered the cream pie!

Zorkeldschorken says:

Poor planning on their part is not an emergency on your part.

You planned ahead for your wedding and got the venue.

Now, suddenly, you are expected to just drop all that because your sister NEEDS the venue.

No. Just no. She has options.

Tell her that you'd be happy to help her find some other venue, but you will not be giving up yours.

And alissa2579 writes:

Holy f*ck! You are getting married next month and your sister wants to hijack it. I cannot even believe your parents are supporting this selfish behavior. Screw all of them. Keep your wedding as planned.

Good thing this woman didn't give in to her bratty little sister and told her 'no' for what sounds like the first time ever. I hope this woman gets the wedding she dreamed of and that her new husband's family treats her a whole lot better than her immediate family.

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