15 honest email replies you wish you could send.

15 honest email replies you wish you could send.



E-mail is great because it makes it so much easier for people to annoy you with inane questions, or as a medium to express their abject incompetence, or as a way to make something you thought you understood completely incomprehensible. Because you barely have time to ignore excurciatingly idiotic emails as it is, we went through the trouble of collecting these 15 snarky email replies you wish you could send. We encourage you to share them with your coworkers and friends on Facebook and Twitter and to even make your own in our user card section now with NEW art


For anyone who you only get email responses from when they're on vacation.


We're too lazy to even write that.


Hey, maybe you have an annoying voice. 


Email really revolutionized intra-office lying. 


Consider it your vacation.


Just put a link to this card at the end of your godawful autoreply.


We've never sent this card because our insulting cc's are never accidental. 



Because keeping up with gossip is the hardest part of the workday.


Apology not accepted.


"It was unvarnished positivity, right?"


For the one person in your office who can spell.


Tip: use animated emoji to really make your bitchiness come through.


Try AOL Keyword "GMAIL."


Because some people still amazingly unfamiliar with how to use email.



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