2017's most hilarious, insane cheating stories. Read 'em and weep.

2017's most hilarious, insane cheating stories. Read 'em and weep.

In 2017, we discovered a new passion of ours here at Someecards:

The deeply satisfying, gorgeously salacious gossip that comes with any story of a completely random cheating idiot on the internet.

Here are the best, completely bizarre cheating stories we couldn't take our eyes off this year. And let's all raise a toast to the sloppy, foolish cheaters the internet catches in the act in 2018.

1. The guy who rationalized cheating by saying he did it to cure cancer.

To paraphrase his argument:

If this man had turned down this woman's generous blow job offer, she could have left the bar, walked into the street drunk and gotten hit by a car (that's how badly she wanted to give this guy a blow job!).

But the car accident isn't even the most tragic part of this hypothetical story: the hypothetical guy driving the car has hypothetical kids. Their dad is arrested, so they grow up without a father.

Growing up in a structureless single parent home, they end up on the streets instead of pursuing their true passions: becoming a doctor and a lawyer. And apparently the hypothetical doctor, or the hypothetical lawyer (as a side hobby?), was the one to have found "the solution" for cancer.

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2. The guy who got busted by a new Snapchat feature.

Back in June, Snapchat launched "Snap Map," allowing everyone to see where their friends were and who they were hanging out with at every second of every day.

Naturally, this was a nightmare for technophobic cheaters everywhere, who couldn't figure out how to turn off the spy-app now embedded in their phones.

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3. The hotel manager who got caught sleeping around thanks to Trip Advisor reviews.

Via The Sun came probably the most 21st century cheating report this side of Twitter, when a woman started getting suspicious in the months leading up to her wedding with a hotel manager named Pablo.

You see, the woman had met Pablo while "on holiday" in Turkey.

In reality, it seems Pablo would frequently meet women "on holiday."

And as our hero here got more and more curious about Pablo's friendships with random women on Facebook, she took to TripAdvisor to check out some of the reviews on Pablo's hotel:

"I found comments from girls saying they had an amazing holiday β€” all thanks to their fling with the manager," she told The Sun. "There were reviews from people warning others not to stay there as the manager was sleeping with loads of the guests. I felt sick."

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4. This f*cking brutal exchange after a guy on Imgur tried to convince a married woman to cheat with him.

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5. The GF who slept with someone else and ended up in her BF's viral selfie.

In April, a Texan with a pretty great sense of humor in the face of heartbreak went viral after taking and posting multiple selfies of himself in front of his cheating ex-GF in bed with someone else.

He explained his rationale in a Facebook post:

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6. The truly savage Twitter tale of $SameBae.

One woman was super excited to hear about her friend's new fling, until... well, you see where this is going.

In a series of tweets by @AyanaTheDIVA, we got the unbelievable story of how a waitress found out her lovely boyfriend was also dating her lovely coworker.

The revenge was as cringeworthy as it was satisfying.

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7. The infamous AJ, exposed by a public Snapchat.

It all beganβ€”apparentlyβ€”when this image ended up on the unofficial Ohio State Buckeyes' Snapchat story:

2017's most hilarious, insane cheating stories. Read 'em and weep.

The image, of a Snapchat conversation between someone named "AJ"β€”with their full name blocked outβ€”trying to cheat with an unnamed woman caused the Ohio State community to completely melt down.

Just like that, every Ohio AJ found himself on trial.

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8. The case of the missing twin.

This one's pretty simple, a palette cleanser, if you will β€” there was actually no cheater. OR WAS THERE? No, it seems like there wasn't.

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9. The hunt for Ben the joker.


Across the pond, a lady on the train overheard a random guy bragging about cheating on his girlfriend.

She immediately tweeted her revelation, which was even more immediately spread by English Twitter β€” because we're not the only ones who revel in the tales of adulterous strangers.

Soon, the whole island was on the hunt for "Ben," and every Ben in the country was on the defensive.

If you learn one lesson here today, it's that you shouldn't go by "Ben" or "AJ."


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10. And let's end with the actually heartwarming story of a how a cafe helped a woman get over her cheating boyfriend.