Dibs on Dick Graze as a porn name!

Yes, I am well aware that this "Dick Graze" music video is essentially just a gussied-up advertisement for 22 Jump Street (available by Sony on Blu-Ray and DVD everywhere on November 28), but I don't care. For three reasons:

  • Aside from some very brief mentions at the very beginning and very end, it barely acknowledges the existence of the movie. Really, it's just a "viral video" done right. They clearly put some effort into it and tried to make it funny as opposed to just viral. And I feel that good intentions should be rewarded.
  • Not only would I watch a video of Workaholics' Jillian Bell reading the phone book, but I'd watch a video of Jillian Bell reading the screenplay of the video of Jillian Bell reading the phone book. And then I'd watch a video of Jillian Bell reading a selection of Rotten Tomatoes review blurbs about the video of Jillian Bell reading the screenpl— She's really funny is what I'm trying to say.
  • I kind of don't mind the idea of Channing Tatum grazing my dick so much. I saw him dancing in Magic Mike, so he practically grazed my dick for about two hours already. What's another half-a-second?
Sources: Channing Tatum | h/t Digg