An anonymous story recently posted to Quora is making the internet collectively shudder. It's not hard to see why—if it's true, then this woman lived through what many people would consider their worst nightmare. And even worse, her dad was the perpetrator. Before you read it, be warned that it may contain triggers for past sufferers of abuse.

I was 17 at the time talking to my best friend. She started to ask about my sex life because she was still a virgin. I told her everything.

I heard a moan during our conversation. Turns out my father was listening in on our phone call and masturbating. Then the next day, he gets mad at me for being sexually active. And all I could think about is, “You sick fuck!” I never told my friend about it either because she told me her fantasies and I didn't know how she’d react.

Someone asked how did I know if he was masturbating? Well during our convo, there was more than one moan. There were a couple times when we both asked each other what that noise was. Being young and careless, we kept talking and talking. I don't have a 100% way to know for sure, but sometimes when you have a strong gut feeling about something, you go with it.


Another commenter asked if my dad had demonstrated behavior like this before. Yes there's more. I found a recording device in the bathroom when I was visiting home years later. I saw a red light in the air vent and decided to open it. (The red light I saw was actually light reflecting off of the lens I think). There was a small camera connected to a 9 volt battery and a chip. I was unsure what it was, but figured it was a video camera. It was the size of my thumb. I told my mom about it and she freaked out.

My mom confronted him about it and he confessed he put it there because he thought my sister was doing drugs in the bathroom. My sister was 14 at the time. I know for a fact she was never doing drugs. She never has to this day (11 years later). There was a VCR that was recording the videos hidden in his computer room.

We never told my sister about it. My mother somehow forgave him, but they ended up divorcing years later.