This image will leave you with more questions than answers.

Dildos whose time on this earth is through. (via Imgur)

This precious image of tons of discarded fake dicks was taken by a "friend" of Redditor user tracygav. It was uploaded with the informative caption "My friend owns a metal recycling plant. This huge load came in today." So we know they are in fact metal, and they will soon be turned into cans full of penis-shrinking energy drinks.

First of all, they make METAL DILDOS? Or are they dildo molds? (Yes, they are probably dildo molds). But how do they get the dildos out of the molds? Did a robot sex shop go bankrupt? Are they from the future or the past? Why are they covered in paint? How are they not being used for an art project? I would really like to incorporate these into an art project. I'm sorry if this image leaves you wondering "what is really going on here?!?" I guess this is just one of life's great mysteries.

Sources: Imgur