A student posted a letter in the women's bathroom at the University of Michigan alleging that Jabrill Peppers gave her Chlamydia. Peppers is a star safety for the Michigan Wolverines. There is no evidence pointing to whether or not the letter is legit, and the anonymous person behind the letter has not come forward. If it is real, hell hath no fury like someone scorned by Chlamydia:

To Jabrill Ahmad Peppers,

Thank you for giving me chlamydia AGAIN. As you well know, 75-90% of women do not experience symptoms. Also, women are more affected by this as we can get PID that can lead to infertility down the line. I cannot stomach to see your face again knowing that you're affecting other young women unbeknownst to them, which as you may know, is a felony. I know that you get checked every six months. Last time you were checked and found to be infected (allegedly by that young lady in Bursley from unprotected oral sex in January 2015, but after newfound information, nothing you ever said can be counted as truth) in February. I'm not a math major, but 2+6=8. You got checked in August, but didn't say anything? Wow. And now after I found out that you were having relations with a Caucasian young broad while you were still having sex with me raw. Wow. You really are a despicable piece of sh#t. Never would I have thought you to be this terrible of a person. I thought I knew you. Hahaha I thought WRONG! I would never play with anyone's health, and their reproductive health at that. I would have never wished harm upon you despite all of the things you did to me and put me through. The first time I forgave you, partially, because it was my fault for trusting you. I was a real woman about the situation. After that time, I was completely clean. I never so much as had a serious cold until I met you. The only person I had been with since that time was you. From February all the way up to the beginning of the school year. Just when I thought I had finally deleted every trace of you out of my life, you have to mess it up again. This time, you need to beg God for forgiveness, because there isn't any here for you. Now you've affected my relationship. The sad part is, I don't know exactly when you infected me again. The other sad part is I don't know how because on my end, I was always monogamous. Being monogamous with your ass has gotten me the same STI in one year. "That's how diseases get passed around," right? You would know, with your dirty dick ass. Because I am afraid of what I'll do to you if I see you, I am writing this. And because you've messed up my life, I'm going to do my best to mess up yours. Honey. You must have thought I was kidding when I made you promise that if you ever f##ked me over that I had permission to do crazy sh#t. Thanks for it by the way. I promise you, on my life, I am completely done with you. You could die today and I wouldn't even feel a single tinge of sadness in my soul. You are the absolute scum of the earth and I wish I never gave you months of my youth to waste. As far as I'm concerned, you're already dead. Luckily, my significant other has encouraged me to keep a cool head. Otherwise, I probably would've cut your brakes and/or harmed you in a way to ruin your career. Excuse my vulgar language, but it is justified. I hope you can feel the hatred coursing through my veins for you. I hope you rot in hell. I don't wish too hard though because you're sending yourself down that road all by yourself. Have a nice life. See you in hell. Since you love to burn so much. ;)

P.S. - tell your "girlfriend" she might want to get checked too. Since I'm pretty sure you're still using that "I have to use certain condoms" bullsh#t and never have them. Sh#t, for all I know, she might be the reason I'm infected again. 

P.S.S. - You should have known better than to try to f##k. Me. Over. 

Sources: Twitter