Life is hard no matter your gender, but for some men, it'd be just a little bit easier if social conventions provided them with more options for fancy shampoo. The following men and women recently took to Reddit to name the one thing about the opposite gender that makes them jealous, and let's just say that nobody's perfect.


1. Tuck away this notion from amarstranger786, uh, somewhere. Like a purse, which women are forced to carry, basically.


I can't tell you how disappointing it is, as a woman, to find a pair of pants that fit perfectly and make your ass look great and then realize it has no pockets. Or, even worse, fake pockets. It's just cruel.

2. Go for it, gronkspike25, just be prepared to be objectified at the gym.

I wish I could wear yoga pants. They look so comfortable

3. It's true, newgirlintown7, men don't think twice about wearing the exact same outfit as yesterday.

No one will ask or care if they wear the same outfit to work for two days straight.


4. This guy named thatlldopug has obviously never heard of kilts, though. Or rejecting outmoded constructs of gender.

Skirts, think of all that ball room

5. Men don't even know how good they've got it, says spacedads. They never have to buy a product called "Lash Plumpers."

Men have longer eyelashes and they don't even care

6. Well, we think you smell fantastic, ChainsForAlice.


The fact that women have all these amazing body washes, shampoos and conditioners marketed for them. GF always gives me an odd look when i go out and buy a handful, What's wrong with smelling amazing and a little bit coconuty?


7. Well, doctorstephanie, women can, but it tends to be a little unpredictable.

Men can pee standing up.

8. Good luck, Douwe_KB!


The luck of not touching the inside of your toilet with your private parts when youre sitting on the toilet.

9. Well, uh, enitsirhcnagem, like, good? Yeah?

I just like, really wanna know what a blowjob feels like.


10. A guy named lumphie has a bone to pick.

Women can be turned on without a chance of other people noticing. I have to hide that rock hard thing down there, that's frustrating.


11. Danger_Possum has something she'd like to get off her chest.

Men can run downstairs - or even just run - without the need of a small country's worth of cloth, three days' preparation, and a small winch truck to support the girls.

There's a reason women do the velociraptor arms over their chests when they run. Bouncing's a bitch.

12. Dude, Ihateregistering6, just loosen your tie. But only a little. All better!

I had to go to an outdoor wedding in California a few months ago. It was almost 100 degrees out. I was wearing a tux, my girlfriend was wearing a short dress with spaghetti straps.

Needless to say, I was insanely jealous.


13. A thing that sucks about being a woman, from somecallmenonny? Hair it is.

Not being expected or pressured to shave your legs.

14. Can you hear what johnyann is saying? Yes, if you're a woman (if his obscure but fascinating science is correct).

Women are dominating the sound-design field because they on average have better hearing than men. Many believe it's an evolutionary trait, which gave them better sensitivity in the recognition frequencies at around 7kHz so they could hear the cry of their kids.

Regardless, as someone working in the audio industry, Im jealous as fuck. I've spent 10 years training my ear, and even then, the women in my field put me to shame.


15. Oh, this one from flexthrustmore is sad because society is broken and there are a lot of evil dudes out there.

I had a friend who studied early child care right out of school and then got a job in a child care center, he stuck it out for a year and then went back to uni to re train as a High School teacher. Not because of the job, he told me he loved it and would have been happy to stay there pretty much forever, the reason was the constant suspicion he got from parents questioning why he was there and why a man would choose that job, basically passive aggressively accusing him of being a pedophile.


16. TealApostropeC thinks of the thing she hates about being a woman every month or so.

Not having periods. I could really do without that monthly hell.