Really? These women really described their vaginas to a portrait artist and then tried to guess which was theirs?

Another day, another stunt involving the drawing of genitalia. In this case, six women described their lady bits to a professional artist (who has that soothing "I've seen it all" quality you want in a bikini waxer), who then drew their pussies and posted them on a board. Cool, so now we gals have another body part to compare unfavorably against those of other women.

In any case, it's an opportunity to post six drawings of vaginas on the Internet.

The second part of BuzzFeed's headline is "and it was awkward." Lol. As if this whole experiment wasn't carefully calculated to be awkward. Can you even imagine if BuzzFeed had gone to all the trouble of setting this up—casting the women, hiring the artist, creating a semi-private enclosure, locating a hand mirror—and then it had not been awkward?

Sources: BuzzFeed